Our Philosophy

At LA MAV, we are committed to building a brand with a conscience. We embrace a holistic view of health, beauty and wellbeing and it is our mission to use science to develop formulas that provide a luxurious experience and deliver optimal results for your skin. We place great weight on the importance of ethically sourcing our natural ingredients, supporting local communities and using processes that are as friendly to our bodies as they are to our environment.


To ensure our formulas are rich in bio-actives, we utilise cutting-edge green technology, natural extraction and Cellular Extraction methods to capture the most nutrient-dense qualities of each ingredient. These processes enable us to utilise a plant’s complete biochemical profile and harness its natural qualities as they exist in their natural environment. While more conventional methods of extraction can damage ingredients and reduce their efficacy, our chosen processes revolutionise what can be achieved through skincare. Endeavouring to ensure each ingredient remains as close to nature as possible, every formula promises a facial in a bottle, delivering results that are truly incomparable.

“Because no woman should have to sacrifice her health for beauty.”