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Ayurvedic Kansa Wand


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Used for centuries in Ayurvedic healing to help holistically balance the doshas—Vata, Pitta and Kapha—Kansa massage works to unblock energy channels, rebalancing and restoring the body’s natural healing mechanisms. LAMAV’s Ayurvedic Kansa Wand promotes improved circulation and lymphatic drainage to help detoxify and revitalise tired, stressed or lacklustre skin. By incorporating facial massage into your daily beauty routine, you can also help to boost collagen production, reduce puffiness around the eyes, promote increased relaxation and firmer, more toned skin.

Made with teak wood and bronze

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Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Karissa F.
I use it everyday

Interesting tool and I love it. Unique metal is healing and I can tell it is working, the day I am tired my skin is purging lots of toxins and my skin goes grey. Other days no matter how much I massage this tool it will not show any greying effect. After a hard day's work, it puts me to sleep on the couch every night :-)

Veeronica Rodas
Amazing Tool!

I recently purchased the Kansa Wand and the packaging was amazing. I use it regularly with my Vitamin A Face oil. It helped in lifting my face muscles and has given me a clear bright skin. It has become an integral part of my skincare ritual, I use it while watching TV. SO relaxing.


Well finishing wand, loving using this in my routine haven’t seen any issues with it.

Worth a try

I noticed my face feels fresher, less dull and plump after every use. The blood circulation and the pressure relieves face from tiredness and tension. Although after 2 months I still have not noticed long term results like reduction of wrinkles or firmer skin but will continue to use and stay patient.

Millie Melnick
High quality and great for face!

Easy to use and gets rid of facial pain quickly.. I use it mostly on my jaw as I get locked jaw a lot due to stiff jaw muscle. Definitely a great purchase

Maddy Jones
Best Self-Care

Kansa wand relaxes my facial muscles so much. As soon as I start using it on my face my eyes automatically close and I get a relaxed feeling. My yoga teacher talks about the connection of mind body and soul. I get that feeling with this tool. It has become a self-care tool for me and I will continue to use it. I want to learn how to use it on other different parts of the body like feet, lower legs.


With its roots in Ayurveda, the Kansa Wand is designed to promote improved circulation and lymphatic drainage, rebalancing the skin, aiding with detoxification and revitalising dull, lacklustre complexions. Regular Kansa massage also assists with collagen production, firming and toning the skin.

The Ayurvedica Kansa Wand is made from teak wood and healing bronze metal (a mixture of pure healing copper and tin).

We recommend using a gentle cleanser to clean your Kansa Wand, drying it with a soft cloth.

Yes! Facial massage should be an essential part of everyones skincare ritual as it boosts relaxation, helps to firm and tighten skin and promotes increased blood flow and circulation.

The Ayurvedic Kansa Wand is best suited for those looking to improve circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage—massaging the deeper muscles in the face and unblocking energy channels. The unique healing metal also rebalances the skin’s natural PH.