I’m sure a lot of you ladies are looking for ways to prevent your summer makeup from melting and disappearing in the hot humid weather. Well, we are here to help!

Facial Mists

Makeup artists and models swear by it for a reason (actually more than one reason!). Facial mist - the new holy grail on the beauty market! And if you haven’t tried it yet – now is the time! Regardless of the season, facial mists must have their place in your makeup bag if you ultimate goal is flawless look all-day-long.How to use it? Where do I begin…Facial mist can be used before your moisturizer and primer to refresh and “wake up” your skin. Apart from that, you can spritz some when you’re done applying makeup in order to set it and create a nice, dewy look. Facial mists are also ideal when it’s time for a retouch – they will soften the makeup you have on, without actually dissolving it, and will allow you to make the necessary corrections. No more “cakey” look! Throughout the day, especially during the summer season, there are times your makeup setting spray is failing you (yeah, we’ve all been there), and by midday, your skin will feel awfully dehydrated + your makeup is a mess. Spritz-spritz and the glow is back on your face. Besides that it feels soooo refreshing! I told you – facial mists are true multi-tasker!

Mineral Foundation

If it is summer, when temperatures are sure to reach sweaty-and-sticky levels (I know it doesn’t sound nice, but it’s a fact), try to avoid using liquid or cream foundations. The thicker the product you are using, the worse it will look when you start sweating. Your makeup will melt and cake and then, once it “cools down”, it will seep into fine lines. Yuk!If I look back, I have to admit, I’ve tried so many foundations, that I can’t even count them. I just couldn’t find the right one for makeup-melting weather! Luckily, one day, I chanced upon a mineral foundation, which was new to me at the time. My first impression – WOW! After I’ve tried it - I never turned back! With the right primer and kabuki brush, mineral foundations will last the whole day, ensuring flawless look even after 8 hours of melting-hot weather. Kabuki brushes are ideal for the summer because they help set the product into your skin and keep it there all day long (which is what we all want, right?)