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La Mav’s Organic Bio-Active Concealer combines the potency of Vitamin C with antioxidants like Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E to help you achieve a gorgeous, flawless finish.  Add in Licorice Root Extract, and you have a formula that rejuvenates and replenishes, while looking amazing on. 
Ideal for even delicate skin types, our concealer actually helps to lock moisture in—this is age-defying makeup at its very best! The carefully chosen and clinically tested Bio-Active enriched formula provides long-lasting effects that don’t leave an oily residue behind. Your pores stay clean and fresh, and your complexion is beautifully even and radiant. 

Cover Up Even the Smallest Imperfections
You expect your concealer to give you a smooth and luxurious finish that leaves you feeling younger and more confident. Infused with the power of our Bio-Actives, this product helps even out pigmentation, eliminates dark circles, and covers even the smallest of imperfections—all in the healthiest way possible. 
It’s the ingredients that we use that truly make the difference. Vitamins and mineral-rich, our formulas are designed to help minimise the signs of ageing and plump and firm the skin. And because the formula is lightweight, you don’t feel as though you’re wearing heavy, visible makeup. This is a naturally gorgeous looking finish. 

Because We Care
We care about our customers, and we care about our environment--and our planet! None of our makeup products are animal tested, and all are paraben-free, vegan-friendly and of course environmentally safe. We want to do our part to make the earth a safer and healthier place for all!

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