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All-natural and infused with rich minerals and vitamins, these powders and bronzers contain absolutely no fillers, no talcs and no chemicals. This is the only skin you have; it deserves to be treated with TLC. That’s why La Mav is all about giving you the products you need to feel beautiful, to help conceal and contour while at the same time, these are products that replenish your complexion through ingredients such as Rosehip Oil and Vitamin C.
Organic isn’t simply a label, it’s what we live by. All of our ingredients in each and every one of our products are clinically tested and then hand selected to achieve the best possible results. Whether for anti-ageing, cellular repair, smoothing or bronzing, LaMav’s products represent a naturally scientific approach to skincare. 

All-in-One Wonders
Because of the presence of vitamins, minerals and plant-extracts, our powders and bronzers do more than just create a stunning look, and they also help to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and also from the buildup of excess oil and acne-causing bacteria. 
An array of ingredients you can truly feel good about, go into creating these products. With our anti-ageing mineral foundation, available in four shades, you can count on a gorgeous long lasting and water-resistant finish. Using our mattifying powder, you can easily minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines. And with the sun-kissed bronzer, your skin will glow with the radiant effects of the sun.

Ethical Practices
Always responsible and always ethical, LaMav products are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and eco-friendly. Never animal tested, our makeup is created using only organic products that you can truly feel good about applying to your skin.