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Preparation is everything. Before applying your foundation, using LaMav’s Bio-Active Primer will help lock in moisturise and create a smooth and seamless surface. Our organic BB Crème is a must-have, featuring active age-defying elements. Only the best ingredients were utilised in developing these products. Vitamins C and E, Rosehip Oil and Hyaluronic Acid ensure that your skin texture remains smooth and incredibly soft to the touch. 
Firmer looking skin, a youthful, radiant glow and protection at a cellular level, this defines the LaMav approach to makeup. Designed to keep skin moist, the antioxidants found in our Primers and BB Crème truly help slow down the signs of ageing. 

Lock in Moisture, Help Makeup Last Longer
These are lightweight formulas that don’t leave skin feeling oily or pores clogged. Instead, they help to lock in beneficial moisture and improve the longevity of your makeup. And with these scientifically created and clinically tested formulas, LaMav is making major strides when it comes to the kind of anti-ageing products that women want. 
When using any type of concealer and foundation, the goal is always to make your complexion look smooth and even. With our primers and cremes, mission accomplished! Active ingredients like Rosehip Oil help to give your skin an ultra-even tone in an organic and all-natural way. 

Our Commitment to the Environment
All of our makeup products, from foundations to BB cremes, are created in the most ethical way possible. No animal testing, no harsh chemicals. Only healthy, great-for-you, organic Bio-Actives that you can genuinely feel good about.