Posted on by Paul WebDev

It’s always a good idea to prep your face for an event where you know you’ll want to make a good impression. Following these five easy steps should help promote clear and healthy looking skin in the lead up to your big event.

Cut out alcohol and other nasties. The easiest way to promote a healthy complexion is to fill our bodies with healthy organic and nutritious foods. You will be surprised at how well your skin reacts when you stop feeding it nasties like alcohol and refined sugar.

Drink more water. I know there are a few schools of thought on the effect that water has on our skin, but I am a firm believer in maintaining a healthy level of water intake to help keep your complexion clear. Our skin is an organ and unfortunately it’s one of the ones that release toxins from our system. So if we’re not keeping our other organs properly flushed and hydrated our skin can really start to suffer.

Rest Up. Beauty sleep is not a myth. Get as many Zzz’s as you can in before your big night to help you look rested and refreshed.

Treat yourself to a facial. I tend to treat myself to a little pampering (including a facial) a couple of days prior to a big event, which is when my skin seems to really show the positive effects from the massage & treatment. La Mav products are excellent to for DIY facials for all skin types.

Use good organic skincare. Feed your skin with natural and organic skin care that incorporates natural bio-actives, tocopherols, vitamins & antioxidants and your skin will thank you.

Remember that confidence is key!