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5 Expert Tips for Achieving Youthful and Radiant Makeup: Avoiding Aging Effects

As people age they often begin changing their skincare routine to match, switching to products that suit mature skin and provide anti-ageing benefits. One thing that is often overlooked when it comes to ageing and our skin is our makeup routine and how we apply our makeup as we age. 

If you’re still using the same products and the same application technique you were using 10 years ago, there’s a high chance your makeup could be ageing you. Adapting your makeup routine and the products you are using as you age is essential to achieving youthful, glowing skin. 

If you want to walk out the door every morning with youthful skin and makeup to match, read on for our top anti-ageing makeup tips.


When it comes to a youthful appearance, unfortunately there’s no quick fix or easy way out. Putting in the effort with the right skin preparation prior to makeup application will make a world of difference to how your makeup applies and settles for the rest of the day.

Starting with clean skin is essential for a flawless, youthful makeup base, and finding the right cleanser for your skin type will prevent irritated, dry and dull skin that can have a huge impact on how your makeup applies. As we age, most skin types can benefit from an oil or  that won’t strip or dry the skin.

Speaking of dry skin, hydration should be at the top of your list when it comes to skin prep before makeup. As we age, skin tends to become dryer as it produces fewer natural oils and cell renewal decreases. A hydrating moisturiser or daily oil that supports your skin’s moisture levels throughout the day will prevent your makeup from becoming dry, flaky and patchy.

You can also take your skin prep to the next level by investing in a brightening eye cream that is easily absorbed for day wear and choose skincare products that support natural plumping. Some natural age defence ingredients to look out for include Commiphora, Paracress and Wakame, as they are proven to relax facial muscles, plump the skin from within, smooth wrinkles and impede collagen breakdown. 

Once you’ve finished your skin prep it’s important to let the skincare products settle before applying your makeup. Letting your skincare fully absorb will give you a chance to see if you need any further moisturiser on dry areas and will ensure your makeup settles evenly onto the skin.


Primers, most of you have probably heard of them. But what exactly is a primer, and why do you need one?

Applied after skincare and prior to makeup, different primers can be used to address a variety of skin concerns and support optimal makeup application:

  • Lock in moisture for dry, mature skin
  • Absorb excess oil and reduce shine for oily skin
  • Fill and smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Blur large pores

Regardless of your skin type, all primers are generally used to provide a smooth base and improve the staying power of your makeup.

If youthful makeup is what you’re looking for, then opting for a naturally hydrating primer is going to be the best option for your skin. Choosing a primer that also benefits the skin will give your complexion an extra boost of goodness in between skincare and makeup application. The LAMAV Organic Bio-Active Primer locks in moisture while delivering potent bio-actives to your skin. You won’t just get a flawless base for your foundation, you’ll also achieve improved skin elasticity, even skin tone and prevent premature ageing with regular use!

To apply your primer, allow your skincare products to settle before applying one pump to clean hands and gently massaging into the skin, focusing on areas of concern and blending out to cover the entire face. Wait for the primer to fully absorb before applying makeup.


Finding makeup that is advertised to help you look younger is one thing, but how you apply a product can make all the difference to the finish it provides on the skin. Below are our top tips for achieving a youthful complexion when it comes to your makeup base:

Less is more

As you age you’ll find that makeup often exaggerates fine lines and wrinkles. Reducing the amount of foundation and concealer you apply will result in less product settling into wrinkles, giving a smoother finish. This is particularly important around the eye area. Concealer should only be used to target dark circles on the inner corner of the eye and blended well to avoid too much product on the outer area where more wrinkles tend to show.

Minimise or ditch powder

As our skin generally becomes dryer as we age, most of us no longer have a need for heavy powder application. Targeting specific areas that need to be set such as the inner corner for setting concealer and brightening dark circles is all you’ll need. Too much powder on the outer corner of the eye, forehead and around the mouth will exaggerate smile lines, crows feet and wrinkles.

Switch to liquid or cream foundation

Liquid and cream products tend to compliment mature skin as they apply smoothly, provide hydration and are less likely to dry skin out and exaggerate fine lines. If you are more comfortable applying powder products, try switching to a natural mineral powder that is non-drying and won’t irritate the skin.

Mix it up

For an added boost of hydration or to create your own everyday skin tint, apply a drop of oil or mix your daily moisturiser into your foundation or BB Cream for a soft, natural finish. You can even sprinkle some mineral powder into your daily moisturiser as an easy way to add a hint of colour and even out your skin tone.

Leave it alone

Once you’ve applied your base product and achieved your desired level of colour and coverage it’s best to leave the product alone. It can be tempting to keep going back in and “touching up” different areas of the skin, but over blending can lead to a patchy/uneven finish and even irritate the skin.


After you’ve applied a base it’s important to add some structure and colour back into your features. For an instant lift, apply a natural bronzer underneath the jawline and to the outer areas of your forehead and cheekbones, being careful to stay closer to the hairline. Applying too much product near the centre of the face such as the apples of your cheeks can drag the face down as we begin to age. 


As we age the skin on our eyelids can become soft and droopy, making it difficult to apply products such as eyeliner. If you have mature skin it’s time to ditch the harsh eyeliner pencils and replace them with softer products that provide subtle definition and are a little more forgiving to apply. 

Replace eyeliner with a mineral bronzer by using a small brush to give soft definition around the eyes. Create an instant lift by sweeping the brush from the outer upper lid towards the tail of the brow for a soft wing. If you would like definition on the lower lash line, focus on the outer corner as it will prevent the eyes from looking closed in.

Use your finger or a soft fluffy brush to apply bronzer as an eyeshadow alternative and if a dewy eyeshadow is more your style, why not try adding a drop of oil or moisturiser to your bronzer for a glowy, glossy lid.



If an everyday go-to is what you’re looking for then the LAMAV Certified Organic BB Cream is a must try! This lightweight formula is suitable for all skin types and contains age-defying bio-actives including Vitamin C, Kakadu Plum, Rosehip Oil and Hyaluronic Acid to nourishing your skin whilst providing both effective coverage and long-lasting hydration. This clever BB cream is colour adaptive to suit most skin tones, skin balancing and reflects the light to enhance your complexion’s natural glow.

LAMAV Anti-Ageing Mineral Foundation


This foundation is no ordinary mineral powder. Infused with Organic Rosehip Oil and Pure Vitamin C, it is non-drying and will help to protect the skin whilst reducing the visible signs of ageing as you wear it. If you’re a novice when it comes to makeup application, this foundation is super easy to apply and is buildable to create a sheer to full coverage finish whilst feeling lightweight on the skin. The light reflecting, 100% natural mineral pigments provide a physical SPF15, creating a smooth, radiant finish.

LAMAV Sunkissed Mineral Bronzer

Radiate a youthful, summer glow all year round with the LAMAV Sunkissed Bronzer. This versatile product is one to include in your daily makeup routine. Use it as a contour to create depth and dimension, add sun kissed colour to your cheeks, décolletage and body, or use on the eyes as a warming eyeshadow or soft liner on the lash line. This bronzer doesn’t just give a summer glow to the skin, it also contains 100% natural minerals to protect the skin and is infused with Vitamin C & Rosehip Oil for additional age defence and hydration benefits.