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Are you suffering from never-ending blackheads, pimples, and acne no matter what you do? The answer might lie in the ingredient list on your favorite cosmetics. When pores become clogged from an irritating ingredient such as lanolin they attempt to flush themselves out, which consequently results in pimples, blackheads, and acne. If a specific ingredient in your foundation or makeup powder is the instigator, then it honestly doesn’t matter how good your face wash is, the problem simply won’t go away. You need to look for the terms ‘non-comedogenic' and ‘oil-free' on the label as this should mean the product does not contain ingredients that will clog your pores. However, sometimes even though a product states that it's non-comedogenic, it might still contain some pore-clogging ingredients. So just to be sure, cross-reference your favorite makeup and skincare with these common ingredients in cosmetics that will cause acne.


The LAMAV Range is non-comedogenic, toxin-free and certified organic, suitable for all skin types.


 1.  Acetylated Lanolin

Lanolin is a natural ingredient produced by sheep's skin to keep their wool soft, just like we produce sebum to keep our skin soft. Lanolin is used in cosmetics and skin care products to provide softness and moisturization, but unfortunately, it's highly comedogenic! It might also be referred to as acetylated lanolin alcohol, ethoxylated lanolin, PEG 16 lanolin, or the less common name of solulan 16. Look for natural face moisturisers that nurture your skin!


 2.  Algae Extract

Algae extracts are comedogenic because they penetrate the pores and accelerate the growth of micro-comedones. Algae are also high in iodides, which can irritate the pores, triggering inflammation and the formation of pustules. This nasty ingredient can be found in some concealers and is rated a 5 on the comedogenic scale.


3.  Benzaldehyde

This is an added fragrance used in cosmetics and skin-care products to give the product a nice scent. This, however, is one scent we can do without as it's rated at about 3.5 on the comedogenic scale and clogs and irritates the skin the way all artificial fragrances tend to do. Enjoy fresh-smelling scents with natural fruit extracts like the Sweet Orange Balancing Cleanser from LAMAV.


4.  D & C Red

This will be seen as ‘D & C Red’ on the label, followed by a number. D & C # 19 has been banned. However, the following can still be found on the market. D & C Red # 3, D & C Red # 21, D & C Red # 30, D & C Red # 36, D & C Red # 40, D & C Red #27. Numbers 27 and 40 are rated high on the scale, whereas the others are rated as medium on the scale. These are added to give color to cosmetics, usually blush, and might just be the cause of those pimples on your cheeks and acne in general, as they are highly comedogenic. Look for our Anti-Ageing Mineral Makeup range that doesn't contain D&C Red.


5.  Isopropyl Palmitate

This fatty acid is a common ingredient in many tinted moisturizers and is rated as a 4 on the comedogenic scale. It is very likely to cause pimples on acne prone skin. If a tinted moisturizer claims to be ‘non-comedogenic’, but this ingredient is on the label then you know you are being fooled!


6.  Lauroyl Lysine

This ingredient is found in many loose powders and prevents the skin from breathing, resulting in clogged pores and acne. It's rated as high on the comedogenic scale. This is the last thing you want, especially in a face powder as it is applied all over your face!


LAMAV Mattifying Powder is infused with Vitamin C and Rosehip Oil providing proven anti-aging benefits while also nourishing and protecting your skin from free radicals, without clogging your pores and causing acne.


 7.  Lauric Acid

Rated as high as 4 on the comedogenic scale, this is one fatty acid we don’t want in our lives, but it's common in many well-known cosmetics and skin products. It is very likely to cause pimples on acne prone skin. Even if your skin does not break out easily, you need to be careful with products containing this ingredient.


8.  Stearic Acid

This ingredient is found in some expensive and high-end foundations, but you might want to save your money. Even though rated as fairly low on the comedogenic scale, this ingredient still has the potential for clogging your pores. This is especially bad news if you have sensitive skin or are prone to acne breakouts. You deserve a product that contains zero pore-clogging ingredients. Our Anti-Ageing Mineral Foundation SPF15 contains 100% pure natural minerals with broad spectrum SPF15.


9.  Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ powder is beneficial for your health when consumed, but you might want to reconsider wheat germ oil as a face product. It has a comedogenic value of 5 making it the most pore-clogging oil on this list. Rated so high on the comedogenic scale this oil will do your skin no favors.


10.  Sodium Chloride

The fancy name for salt, sodium chloride is an actual ingredient in some cosmetics including certain foundations. Who knew! Whilst you would probably consider salt to have exfoliating properties, it does the opposite and clogs up your pores quite badly. Rated as a 5 on the comedogenic scale, sodium chloride should be avoided.


These potential comedogenic ingredients should be avoided if you want to keep your skin clear. Even though not everybody reacts to comedogenic ingredients, usually the rule is that if you can’t say it, don’t buy it. Be sure to check the labels and avoid any skin problems in the future.

If you’re still not sure, there’s an APP for that: check out the free Think Dirty APP (iOS only) from the APP Store. Think Dirty allows you to compare and find safer alternatives to toxic cosmetics products.

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