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What Makes Rosacea Worse?

Being one of
the most mysterious (the underlying cause of
rosacea hasn’t been determined yet),
yet quite common skin conditions, rosacea affects 16 million people in the US
only. Though not much is known about the cause of rosacea, if you surf the net,
you’ll find tons of articles giving you advices
what to do and what not in order to keep rosacea at bay. Today, we’ve
decided to save you the reading and summarize for you 3 of the most common
external factors that can worsen rosacea. We believe that even though rosacea
is not curable, it’s manageable and you can enjoy your skin just by making some
minor lifestyle changes.

Spicy & Hot

If you are a
chili lover and you have
rosacea, you might have to break out with your “hot beloved
one”. Spicy foods, along with hot beverages/foods, cause your blood vessels to
dilate and increase blood flow to the skin’s surface which leads to more
redness and in some cases – unpleasant burning sensation. When you are already
red, because rosacea is messing up with your skin tone, the least thing you
need is something that will make you redder, agree?

Does that
mean you have to eat bland meals only? Not at all! There are many great herbs you
can try – like rosemary, basil, turmeric, sweet curry, oregano, etc. You’d be surprised
how good they taste!

Alcohol & Coffee

In my
previous article, I’ve already mentioned that increase alcohol and
coffee intake
are NOT what causes rosacea in the first place. If someone is trying to sell
you that claim, please don’t buy it – it’s not true. Nevertheless,
unfortunately both alcohol and caffeine can worsen rosacea if consumed excessively.
The reason both substances provoke flare-ups
is because they alter your blood pressure, affecting the blood flow to your
skin – the more blood riches the surface of your skin, the more red it would
appear. Apart from that, both caffeine and alcohol decrease the absorption of
vitamin C. When your body lacks vitamin C the walls of the blood vessel become
more fragile which inevitably leads to more broken capillaries.

Note: After reading this, please don’t think
you’ll have to continue living 100% coffee/alcohol-free life! No one said you
have to stop enjoying your morning latte or a glass of wine every once in a
while. Just make sure to consume them in moderation (especially if you see they
worsen the condition of your skin).

Oh, and before I forget – let me share one of my all time favorite soothing and redness reducing potions!

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Sun Exposure

I know you love
the sun but sadly it’s
one of the worst enemies of your skin (right after
not-removing-your-makeup-before-bed). Not only that sun exposure causes
premature aging and
hyperpigmentation, but it burns out the outer layer of your
skin, irritating it and making it more susceptible to external damage. According
to several researches, sun exposure is actually one of the most common rosacea
triggers. For some individuals it can even cause acne-like breakouts.

How to avoid
sun-induced flare-up? Always (always!) apply sunscreen when you go out (even if
it’s cloudy) and make sure it has Broad Spectrum SPF (protects from both UVA
and UVB rays)

La Mav’s Mineral Makeup includes certified organic products with Broad Spectrum SPF15, enriched with Pure Rosehip Oil and Vitamin C. Not only they will give your skin a gorgeous natural finish, but will also protect and nourish it from the inside, to deliver healthy, glowing complexion with no match!

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PS: Have in mind that rosacea triggers vary from person to
person. Monitor your skin daily and you’ll find the best regimen to keep it
looking good and healthy!

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