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5 Amazing Benefits of Chia Seed Oil for the Skin

Do you remember when chia seeds were on every fitness influencer’s page? Well, now this healthy fat has broken its way into the skincare world because as it turns out, chia seeds are more than just a macro friendly ingredient. Packed with high nutritional value and multiple skin benefits, chia seeds are more than just a topping for smoothies and desserts. Chia seed oil deserves to be an active part of your skincare and if you are not sure why, here’s the 411 on chia seeds.

But first,

What Is Chia Seed Oil?

A little history lesson, Chia is an edible seed that comes from the mint family, originated from a desert plant Salvia Hispanica grown in Mexico. And yes, whilst chia seeds are high in protein, they are pressed to extract chia seed oil , which is also rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This oil is also a versatile ingredient used in the skincare industry as a potent anti-ageing ingredient. It was rumoured that in the Incan days, Peruvians used this source of protein both in their diet and in their beauty regime to help soothe inflammation, increase hydration, and provide a youthful glow through the sub-tropical Andean climate.


5 Amazing Benefits of Chia Seed Oil for the Skin

Glow aside, here’s why incorporating chia seed oil into your wellness routine is essential:

1. Moisturises the Skin

It contains a large amount of antioxidants such as polyphenols and carotenoids which help to protect our skin and cells from environmental damage. Also, chia seed oil is enriched with emollients which makes it a great moisturiser and works to soften the skin and improve the skin barrier. 


2. Prevents Premature Skin Ageing

Due to its antioxidant nature and high content of fatty acids, it also ensures to slow down any signs of ageing. When applied directly or included as an active part of the diet, these fats help you get a healthier skin membrane, better protection against UV rays and skin hydration.


3. Helps Reduce Acne 

Chia seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties. If you have acne prone skin, chia seed oil is an ideal choice. It can help reduce acne breakouts and the scars they leave on your skin. It will also help even out your skin tone


4. Promotes Hydrated Skin

If you suffer from dry or dehydrated skin, don’t worry, chia seed oil is the solution for you! It creates a barrier allowing for less water evaporation through the skin, which means more moisture. And we all know that hydrated skin truly is happy skin!


5. Improves Overall Skin Health

Overall the oil is perfect for all skin types as it will not only bring your skin back to normal but also make it healthier. Your skin will start to glow and not experience as many breakouts, especially during shifts in hormones, that it may otherwise.


Bringing the Best of Chia Seed Oil by LAMAV

Sounds almost too good to be true, right? 

Well, we can assure you this superfood seed is here to stay. That’s why we’ve incorporated it in our Omega - 3 Advanced Night Cream, which is a luscious thick cream to recharge, repair and re-energize your skin. It’s the perfect winter companion, not only does it have a full fatty acid profile but also Wakame which helps build collagen fibres, Kakadu Plum to brighten your complexion overnight and Hyaluronic acid to ensure you are waking up with a bouncy, plumper face.

To help keep dry winter skin at bay, you need just a couple of pumps of our Omega -3 Advanced Night Cream before bed and a spoonful of chia seeds in your morning oats. We promise that your skin could never be softer, and your insides would never be happier. 



Chia seed oil enhances the texture of the skin and hair by retaining moisture, guarding against dryness and calming irritation. Due to the nutrients it contains, the oil is frequently used in numerous skincare products. Chia seed oil can also be used as a nutritious addition to smoothies and other meals.