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There truly is no better time to focus on ourselves, well let’s face it, we are being almost ‘forced’ to do so as we are spending more time at home than ever before through Covid-19. 

So, what better opportunity to refresh and replenish how we care for our skin, especially as we are now in Autumn and with the change of seasons our skin needs some extra TLC. Keep reading as we explain why these changes occur. 

At LAMAV we formulate our skincare to be high potency and efficacy. There is no watering down of products here, we do the opposite and add more of what we know works. And as we are in the Autumn months here in Australia, it is time to change up your skincare routine to match the season. The skin barrier is affected by seasonal changes. 

As you can imagine, in Winter we go from the warm indoors to cold outside which can affect the capillaries and dry out the skin. On the other hand, warmer months can cause the skin to sweat more which means potentially more breakouts if your skin is oily. It is important to nurture your skin through the seasonal changes so that you are giving it what it needs for nourishment. Your skincare ritual can be pivotal to how your skin looks and feels especially if you are using products that are more fitted for Summer or Winter for that fact. Each season we find our skin calling out to us for something different. 


We share with you our top 5 ways that you can reinvent your skincare routine to add bounce and vitality this Autumn.

  1. It’s important to cleanse with a product that doesn’t strip all of the good oils from your face, especially as we come into the cooler months and we find our skin getting dry and flaky. An oil or cream cleanser will help to nourish your skin and gently cleanse at the same time. Our Hydra-Calm Cleansing Crème features essential fatty acids and bioflavonoids from Camellia, Macadamia and Avocado Oil to help restore its lipid barrier. Marula Face Cleansing Oil is packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C and E, and essential fatty acids. Oil cleansing works on the principle that oil dissolves oil. The oil cleanser binds to these impurities, which are then drawn out, the result? Clean skin that is soft and moisturised.

  2. Spritzing your face is a great way to add another level of moisture and hydration and build your skins glow. Our Rose Hydrating Mist is a subtle way to boost your skin’s moisture. It is great to have on hand to spray throughout the day as you feel your skin tiring. This provides a potent cocktail of natural antioxidants and hydrating agents. It also assists in the absorption of serum and moisture into the deeper layers of the skin.

  3. To really up the ante, add a layer of our Commiphora Ultra Plumping Serum, this blend has a concentrated combination of 4 organic bio-active ingredients which makes this serum plump and re-hydrate the skin. It has Organic Brown Seaweed (Maritech Reverse) that may help to impede collagen breakdown and protect the skin against UV radiation. Scientific studies show that Wakame reduced wrinkle depth by 9% and increased skin elasticity by 17%. It also has Bilberry extract that neutralizes free radicals to prevent premature ageing.

  4. You then want to use the Hyaluronan Daily Moisture Crème specifically formulated for skin that is lacking luster, prone to dryness, fine lines, and/or dehydration, this intense moisturising bio-active daily crème nourishes and repairs to promote a healthy, hydrated and glowing complexion, naturally. Plus, it consists of 89% certified organic ingredients. 

  5. The last step in your daily routine is to use Organic BB Crème for a flawless natural finish that lasts all day. Apart from being infused with Vitamin C and Rosehip oil, it contains sunscreen as well.

  6. Lastly, it is super important to also focus from the inside out. Ensuring that you drink plenty of water and nourish your body with good food. A passion and love of ours that works to increase hydration and nourishment to the body is herbal teas. Not only is it a beautiful ritual to pause, take time for yourself, and nurture. Herbal teas can be an amazing way to give your skin vibrancy if it has the right ingredients to replenish the skin’s layers. At La Mav HQ we have been working on some very exciting things that will be brought to you shortly and we know you are going to love. So stay tuned and watch this space.

It is time to rummage through your overflowing beauty cabinet and get rid of outdated and unused products and refresh it with skincare that works for your skin this Autumn. 

You can shop the products mentioned above today and pay later with our AfterPay service. We want you to all to have access to glowing and dewy skin now.