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Organic Skin Science

Reusable Bamboo Cleansing Cloth & Makeup Remover Wipes

How much attention do you give to cleansing your face? We bet that just like brushing your teeth, it’s something you probably don’t give much thought to.

While cleansing your face daily is of the utmost importance (and certainly better than not cleansing at all) – to really reap the rewards of a deep clean, it’s worth considering adding a cleansing cloth to your routine.

Here are (just a few) of the beauty benefits…

Cleaner skin
Beauty experts often talk about the importance of a double cleanse – particularly at night when excess makeup and residue from the day seems to lodge itself in your pores – but if you don’t have the time (or patience!) for a double cleanse, using a cleansing cloth when you wash your face can make all the difference. The cloth works to draw impurities out of your skin as you cleanse, ensuring that every last scrap of makeup, grit and grime is removed. The result? Cleaner, clearer skin.

Smoother skin
Another great reason to incorporate a cloth into your cleansing routine is for the added exfoliation. We all know we probably should be giving our skin a good exfoliate at least once or twice a week (depending on your skin type), but how many of us really take the time to do it? If you use a cloth when cleansing however, you’re able to gently exfoliate your complexion thanks to the natural texture within the cloth’s fibres. You don’t need to be vigorous either – simply use a gentle circular motion to massage your chosen cleanser into your skin and voila, done!

Sweet Orange Balancing Cleanser

Brighter skin
By gently buffing away dead skin cells and removing any remnants of makeup, your skin will feel cleaner, brighter and more radiant. Taking the time to gently massage your cleanser into your skin’s surface also helps to infuse the ingredients deep into your skin for even more beauty-boosting benefits. And the good news is too, that you can use any cleanser you prefer! For the ultimate brightening combo, we pair the
LAMAV Cleansing Cloth with our Sweet Orange Foaming Cleanser!

Ready to discover your best skin yet? Try our LAMAV Cleansing Cloth.


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