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Get Radiant and Glowing Skin: Skincare for Valentine's Day
If there’s ever a day you want your skin to shine it has to be on Valentine's! Whether you’re celebrating with a loved one or celebrating you, here are 5 ways to get a loved-up glow (and treat your skin to some serious loving at the same time!)


If you’re applying makeup before heading out to celebrate, clean, flake-free skin is essential for smooth makeup application. Start with a double cleanse suited to your skin type and finish with a gentle exfoliation treatment.


Our AHA Face exfoliant is a gentle way to break down and remove dead skin cells, leaving you with a clear and smooth complexion.


If you have time in your skincare ritual for a mask, it’s well worth the 15-minute wait. Masks can have many benefits and are a quick way to bring your skin back to life. For Valentine’s day, we can’t go past our Glow Beauty Mask as it is designed to refresh dull, tired skin.


Inspired by an Indian wedding ritual where the bride is given a mask of turmeric to apply so that she looks radiant on her wedding day, we think it’s well suited to celebrating love.


Dry skin makes a complexion look dull, and tired and can result in uneven makeup application, exaggerated fine lines and imperfections. Applying moisturiser after a deep clean and exfoliation is key for a flawless makeup base. And if you want to take your skin and makeup to the next level, a primer will not only provide additional hydration but can also help the staying power of your foundation. 

Tip: Choosing a primer that also contains skin-loving ingredients (such as our Bio-Active Primer) can also help with age defence if used regularly! 


After completing your skincare ritual, a few minutes with a Facial Roller can de-puff, stimulate lymphatic drainage and enhance your skin’s ability to absorb and utilise the bio-actives you just applied through your skincare. Placing the roller in the refrigerator a few minutes before use can also assist with de-puffing tired under eyes and calm any inflammation. It’s also a great way to take a few minutes to wind down and relax.


If you’re heading out to celebrate straight after a long day at work, re-applying makeup to dull, dry skin will most likely result in uneven application.

 rose hydrating mist

Hydrating Mist Spray is a quick way to rehydrate, refresh and bring your skin back to life before you attempt any foundation or concealer touch-ups. It’s definitely a handbag essential.