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Discover the Incredible Benefits of Coconut Oil For Skin and Health

Coconut has been dubbed one of the healthiest foods on the planets for its vast array of incredible health benefits. Coconut oil, though, also has many beauty uses and benefits and once you see the results of this ‘magic’ stuff, you will be hooked!


For Incredibly Shiny Hair That Grows and grows

Coconut oil has been used for ages as a hair treatment as it contains components that keep hair strong, nourished and even protected against the effects of aging, which can include hair loss and thinning of the hair. Rich in lauric acid, coconut oil has a high affinity for hair protein and is easily absorbed into the hair shaft.

It can be used as a hair treatment, on dry hair to smooth frizz or split ends and even as a styling aid before blow drying. Try using it as a deep conditioning hair treatment to really see fantastic results. Simply slather on dry hair that needs to be washed and leave on for up to an hour before shampooing as usual, you won’t need to condition after, that’s how soft your hair will be (and did I mention the yummy smell)!?


As a Shaving Cream for Super Soft Skin without the Bumps

If you have very sensitive skin, you probably dread shaving as many shaving gels can be irritating and shaving can lead to painful razor bumps that are also unsightly. Well, coconut oil can make all your shaving woes disappear! Simply replace your shaving gel with coconut oil and shave as you regularly would. The razor will glide over the oil and you will be left with soft, conditioned skin and no bumps!


As a Moisturizer

When used as a moisturizer, you are sure to see softer and overall clearer skin as coconut oil has healing properties and is easily absorbed into the skin. Simply apply a small amount and massage into your face in circular motions to be left with that gorgeous coconut oil glow!

There are many other fabulous beauty uses for coconut oil, but these are some of the more popular ones. This magic oil will have you glowing and feeling beautiful, oh and you will smell like piña colada!!


Don’t Forget to Eat it, Too!

Coconut has a myriad of health benefits when cooked with and consumed as well! It’s one of the best sources of healthy fats and help with weight loss, digestion, the immune system, prevent infections, and more! Almost everyone should consume at least one tablespoon (15mL) or more of raw coconut oil per day. It’s great for cooking with (unlike many other oils, which become unhealthy when heated) and smells great! For (much) more information and facts about coconut, read these coconut health benefits from Organic Facts.

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