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Organic Skin Science

Sweet Almond oil

Natural Homemade Hair Strengthening Treatment

I am a natural blond but with the years my hair started getting darker – still blond, but more on the ashy, hazelnut side (not sure if that was a good explanation, color-wise, but I am sure you’ll get the idea). When I was in high school, I suddenly decided I need to be blonder (like in the good old days) and.. I bleached my hair. Huge mistake! 

After several applications of hair dye X (I’d better not mention the brand) and
finally getting the color “I wanted” my hair looked like… a broom (yes, imagine
a broom on someone’s head – this is how it looked like, true story).

I started investing tons on money in hair care products, but the results I was getting from them were only temporary – smoothness and shine, but till the next time I wash my hair. At the same time, I wanted my healthy hair back so much that I was constantly looking for alternatives.

Then, out of a sudden, I though “well, why not try natural oils?”
Best idea ever, I am telling you! In a few months of regular application, the
condition of my hair improved significantly and the new hair that was coming
out was healthy, shiny and super strong. Enough with the stories, let’ get to
the point – today I am going to share with you one of my favorite DIY hair
serum recipes and I promise your hair will L-O-V-E it!


The Recipe

For the
serum you will need a pump bottle and the following oils:

30ml Sweet Almond oil 
Vitamin E Oil 
2 tbsp Pure Coconut Oil

Mix all oils in the pump bottle, close it and shake it well, so the mixture can homogenize.

*Make sure all oils you order are 100% pure and organic – this is the ultimate guarantee or their quality and the only for you to get real results!

How To Use It

Pump some of
the product in the roots of your hair and start massaging your scalp. Always
apply the serum on dry hair. Once ready with the scalp, move onto the lengths. Leave
your hair “oiled up” for at least one hour – you can cover it with a
plastic cap (or an old towel that you no longer use) in order to warm it up and
increase blood circulation. When you warm up your head you facilitate the absorption
of nutrients, which is essential for getting the best results out of your hair
treatment. Finally, wash your locks as per usual, using gentle, SLES free shampoo. Enjoy your healthy, soft nourished hair!


The Benefits

Coconut oil is the best oil for the lengths of
your hair because it is one of the few that can actually penetrate the hair
shaft. Thanks to the high content of lauric acid, coconut oil softens, hydrates
and restores damaged fibers, giving your hair more body and shine and protecting
it from environmental damage. Did I mention it smells like piña colada? What
not to love about it!

If you have dull, brittle, lifeless hair,

Sweet Almond
is what you need! Sweet Almond Oil is rich in vitamin A, E, B, along
with proteins, vitamin and essential fatty acids – it nourishes the scalp and
the fair follicle, making the new hair that’s coming out stronger, healthier
and more resistant to external damage. Sweet Almond Oil also moisturizes the
scalp, restoring its balance – healthy scalp, means healthy hair!

When used as hair treatment, Vitamin E Oil makes our locks more lustrous, shiny and is believed to speed up hair growth. Apart from that, since Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, it can reduce hair loss, by protecting the hair follicle cells from aggressive environmental factors. Bye, bye hair fall – Hello, gorgeous hair!