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If there is one thing 2020 taught us it’s to make self-care a priority. Stressed or anxious? Pour yourself a glass of red, run a bath and pop on a face mask. Whether you’re 15, 30 or 55 there is no denying that face masks are at the cornerstone of every beauty junkies’ guilty little pleasure. Everywhere you look, there’s jars and tubes of all types from banana to honey, enzyme scrubs to clay masks… face masks are back and in a big way.

Still on the fence? Here’s 5 reasons why you need to start committing to those weekly masking sessions.

5. Face masks are great for deep-cleansing

Sure, your regular cleanser does a good job of getting rid of the day’s makeup but if you are looking to draw out those built-up impurities and toxins then…. you’re going to need something a little stronger. Opt for masks that contain kaolin clay or activated charcoal as they’re designed to work their way beneath the top layers of the dermis targeting clogged pores and absorbing any excess oils (the culprit of those unwanted breakouts!).

Our newest glow beauty mask is designed to boost your skin back to life. Our hero ingredient yellow clay clears away debris whilst gently refining the complexion. We’ve also packed in skin loving ingredients like turmeric (to help soothe skin, great for acne prone skin), pomegranate seed oil (a rich antioxidant to promote skin elasticity) and natural sources of vitamin C in the form of Kakadu Plum to leave your skin brighter after each use. It’s the perfect sidekick to your next movie night in!

4. Face masks are deeply nourishing

If you suffer from dry, dehydrated, or stressed-out skin, a sleep mask will be your BFF. Whilst your daily moisturiser can help add hydration back in, there’s no denying the power of a mask filled with ingredients to help lock in that moisture. If this sounds like something you need, check out our latest beauty sleep mask that promises to repair, restore and rebuild your skin in just 8 hours.

Expect a thick, creamy texture that glides onto the skin. We’ve formulated this to nourish skin in a slow releasing fashion. Upon first application, the key ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid and Bisabol will instantly absorb into the skin to provide the dermal layers a BIG drink of water (hello hydration!) whilst the fruit acids from Emu Apple work overnight to gently refine skin texture, ensuring you wake up with healthy skin that’s not only glowing but rejuvenated and most importantly soft and happy.

3. Face masks take relaxation to a new level

This one is the no-brainer benefit. Face masks are your YOU time. It’s 20-30 minutes out of your day to sit back, relax and do what makes you happy. Whether its binge watch trashy TV, catch on celeb gossip or tuck into a good book, there’s just something about putting a face mask (just like taking off your bra after a long day) that is guaranteed to bring an instant smile to your face.

2. Face masks can make your skin G L O W!

Yep, you read that correctly. The right face mask can leave your skin feeling plump, more hydrated, and glowing. Did you know that the process of a mask drying on the skin and the removal can cause an expansion in the blood vessels in your skin which can lead to an overall improvement in skin tone.

To achieve that dew, look for ingredients like what we have in our firming face mask. Starting with a big dose of Hyaluronic acid your skin will be plumped up. Not to mention, we’ve added in Caviar lime (a derivative of an AHA) to gently clear any built-up congestion. To really lock in that glow and protect against environmental stressors we’ve added Amla extract, Vitamin E and 3 different oils to leave your skin feeling soft, supple and smooth.

1. Face masks BOOST your skincare routine

It’s true! If you’re following a consistent routine, face masks will compliment your skincare regime. Here’s why: when our skin barrier is healthy it’s able to absorb our actives and serums at a faster rate thereby giving us better results.

Think of it like this…. your face is like a piece of bread and your skincare routine is the butter. It works well together, but when you pop it in the toaster (read: put on a face mask) the butter (skincare routine) melts into the bread (your skin) giving you a much more satisfying (and delicious!) outcome.

Ready to give your face some TLC? Shop our newest range of masks. For those looking to take your #maskgame to the next level, we recommend “multi-masking,” a concept where you apply different masks targeting certain areas to solve various skin concerns in one session. It’s a great way to ensure your skin receives the correct ingredients in the right areas.


Alisha Bhojwani is a Sydney-based digital strategist and content specialist. When she's not reminding her friends to wear SPF, you can find her drenching her face in Vitamin C and consuming copious amounts of peanut butter. You can find her on Instagram at @lishyglows