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Make your Own Homemade Cleanser in Just 3 Steps!

How to make your own homemade cleanser!

When it comes to keeping your face clean it is especially important to pick your products wisely. And I am not referring only to how effective they are in removing makeup and impurities, but also – how they affect your skin. Harsh chemical surfactants, that a lot of companies use in their formulations, disrupt the natural lipid barrier of the skin and get it out of balance, which results in either irritations, dry patches and general dehydration or excess oil production that can lead to clogged pores and inflammations.

Since I believe most of you are conscious about what they put on their skin, I decided to share with you one of my favorite super-simple-yet-effective DIY cleanser recipes. I promise you’ll love it!

The recipe

 a 100 ml bottle
 30 ml jojoba oil
 70 ml rose water


How to use it

One you have mixed both ingredients in the bottle, shake the mixture very well. Sip some of it on a cotton pad and clean your face with it, like you regularly do. Simple and effective!


Benefits of using Jojoba oil & Rose water

Being suitable for oily as well as dry, sensitive skin, Jojoba oil is probably the best one to pick from the great variety available on the market. It’s good to know that it is the oil that is the closest one, as composition, to the sebum our skin naturally produces. Jojoba oil is one of the best natural moisturizers and it has waxy like properties, which means it will not only remove impurities and all of your makeup (yes, it removes waterproof makeup really well, no worries) but it will also leave a thin protective layer that will locks moisture in.
Even though Rose water is actually a byproduct in the process of obtaining the precious essential oil from roses, it has numerous great properties. First of all, it has an incredible soothing effect – it relieves redness and inflammations amazingly well. Second, it a great natural toner – it has good astringent properties and tightens up your pores and tones up your skin. Last, but not least, it helps in preventing premature aging and protects the cells from free radical thanks to its richness in antioxidants. Oh, and let’s not forget – it smells divine!


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