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Organic Skin Science

Vegan Kabuki Brush

Have you ever purchased a highly rated makeup product only to find yourself confused and disappointed when it doesn’t turn out like the raving reviews you’d seen online? Sometimes a product just isn’t right for your skin type, but in most cases, it can be a result of incorrect application. 

Applying skincare and techniques specific to your skin type will give your makeup the best chance to work effectively.

Try our tips below based on your skin type to get the most out of your makeup using our Certified Organic BB Creme 


  • Skin must be exfoliated and well hydrated using a nourishing moisturiser. Try our Jojoba Beads & Argan Oil Exfoliating Scrub and our Hyaluronan Daily Moisture Creme
  • Our Bio-Active Primer will give additional hydration, calm redness and give a smooth base to apply makeup. La Mav Bio-Active Primer can be used on its own under Certified Organic BB Creme. 
  • Allow your moisturiser and primer time to fully absorb to identify flakey or dry areas that may need additional moisture
  • Use a damp beauty blender or the warmth of your fingers to melt the BB Creme into your skin
  • Apply in small sections working quickly 
  • Press the product into the skin & avoid rubbing as this can irritate the skin & cause flaking if you have dry patches
  • Once the product is set leave it alone 
  • Finish with a spritz of Rose Hydrating Mist


  • Double cleanse with the Sweet Orange Foaming Cleanser to ensure skin is clean and free from excess oil
  • Moisturising is just as important for oily skin. If you dry out your skin it may begin to overproduce oil so invest in a light, easily absorbed moisturiser such as our Bio VA5 Wrinkle Smoothing Day Creme
  • For extremely oily skin use Wrinkle-Defence & Skin-Brightening Day Fluid
  • Use a brush in small sections & blend the product into the skin
  • Finish with an oil-absorbing powder such as our Mattifying Powder 


  • Boost skin with a serum before moisturising to give additional hydration. Our Hyaluronic Acid Hydra-Max Serum is perfect for mature skin
  • Apply a small amount of our Firming Eye Lotion to firm & strengthen the under-eye area 
  • Apply our Bio-Active Primer to smooth the skin and fill in fine lines and wrinkles
  • For a softer makeup look and additional brightening benefits, you can mix the BB Creme with one drop of Vitamin C Nightly Repair Oil.
  • Use a damp beauty blender or brush to lightly blend into the skin
  • Apply light layers to avoid creasing and stay away from heavy lines and wrinkles
  • Apply Powder sparingly by tapping off excess & lightly patting onto the skin only where needed
  • Finish with our Rose Hydrating Mist  to set the powder and rehydrate the skin