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Organic Skin Science

Anti-Ageing Minerals

When it comes to makeup, we want it all. We want to cover all imperfections, yet to look natural. We want a long-lasting finish, yet simple and effective ingredients (and definitely no harsh chemicals!). We want our skin to look like skin - fresh and glowing with health. The question is: Is there a product(s) that ticks all the boxes? Yes. there is!

If you have never used mineral makeup, let me give you a few reasons why it's totally worth trying it.

Mineral Makeup is Suitable for Sensitive Skin

When we talk about mineral makeup, it’s not only important to mention what’s in it, but also what's not. Since mineral makeup is free from preservatives, mineral oil, harsh chemicals and artificial dyes and fragrances, it’s less likely to cause an allergic reaction or irritate the skin. Mineral makeup is often recommended by dermatologists to patients with rosacea or eczema because it is considered to be safer compared to mainstream, chemical-loaded makeup.

Since it's free from petroleum derivatives, mineral makeup is a great option if you have acne-prone skin – it won’t clog pores, thus won’t cause breakouts. What's more - mineral makeup contains zinc oxide (known for its anti-inflammatory properties) to further help you keep pimples at bay. Last but not least, minerals absorb excess oil, therefore you are less likely to end up with a shiny T-zone during day.

Mineral Makeup Gives a Natural Finish

The best thing about mineral makeup (and the reason why it is preferred by so many makeup artists nowadays) is that it looks natural when applied to the skin. It's like a second skin - your skin, but better.

The powerful light-reflecting properties of the minerals enhance the natural radiance of your skin and give you a "lit from within" glow. 

Mineral Makeup is Buildable

Mineral makeup allows you to get the finish you desire with ease. You can even your skin tone and give your skin a hint of colour, or you can get full coverage without looking “cakey”. The fine pigment particles blend smoothly, allowing you to achieve perfection in less than a minute.

Most importantly – regardless of the coverage you’ve chosen, mineral makeup allows your skin to breath. 



LAMAV Anti-Ageing Minerals offer a chemical-free option for those of you who want to achieve perfect complexion, without compromising your health. LAMAV is the first company to infuse 100% Pure Minerals with Vitamin C and Certified Organic Rosehip Oil for a unique anti-ageing, skin-transforming formula!


Mineral Makeup is Safe for Your Health

Most of the mineral makeup available on the market is formulated with zinc oxide, titanium oxide and iron oxide. These minerals are mined from the earth and then ground or milled until the size of the particles is so small that they can be used to formulate the finest and the most blendable powders, foundation, bronzers and eyeshadows.

NB: When choosing Mineral Makeup, make sure the ingredients are non-nano sized - this way you can rest assured that your health is not at risk. 

Mineral Makeup Acts As Natural Sunscreen

Since both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide act as sunblocks, mineral makeup provides a certain degree of sun protection (often around SPF15). Nevertheless, if you have very light complexion or you have hyperpigmentation/scarring, we’d recommend using a more potent sunscreen (SPF30 or higher), in order to avoid sun damage.

If you want a “city sunblock” (basic protection for your face during the day), mineral makeup is fully suited for the job. Give it a go!