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Kansa Wand

Facial tools are certainly trending – and it’s likely that you’ve even trialled a few yourself. From Gua Sha to jade or amethyst rollers and face sculptors… there are tools aplenty on the market these days.

But we bet, the Kansa wand is one facial tool you’re yet to discover. With its roots firmly planted in the Ayurvedic tradition, the Kansa wand has been around for thousands of years and is a small dome-shaped tool that supports Ayurvedic philosophy – that for holistic health, beauty and wellbeing, it’s essential to balance the mind, body and spirit. The Kansa wand is believed to assist in this pursuit by aligning the Doshas, helping to unblock energy channels and promoting improved health, beauty and vitality.

Made from a sacred bronze metal, the Kansa wand is primarily used to aid in lymphatic drainage and relaxation – making it the ultimate facial tool to add to your repertoire. As our lymphatic system plays such an important role in detoxification, facial massage can help to assist in the removal of toxins, while also boosting circulation and balancing dull, dry or lacklustre skin.

While you can use the Kansa wand morning or night, we recommend using it in conjunction with your favourite Booster – for elevated results. Here’s how…

For fine lines and wrinkles
BOOSTER: Bakuchiol 4% Natural Retinol Alternative

Reap twice the anti-ageing benefits by combining your Bakuchiol 4% with the Kansa wand. Simply apply your Booster to freshly cleansed and toned skin, and then focus on the areas of your face where stubborn fine lines and wrinkles tend to accumulate – think the forehead, corners of the eyes and smile lines.

Using firm circular motions, begin in the middle of your forehead (where deep frown lines sit) and work upwards and outwards towards your temples. Then, place the Kansa wand beneath your eye and gentle massage in half-circles under your eye – to depuff – and then make full circles around your eye up towards the crease of your nose. Repeat on the other side before using firm upward strokes following your smile lines, from your jaw to your nose.

For flat or lacklustre skin
BOOSTER: Collagen Support

The best antidote to tired, flat or lacklustre skin is to increase circulation – enter: the Kansa wand. As an alkalising metal, the copper in the Kansa wand helps to rebalance the skin’s natural PH levels, while using firm, swift, circular strokes will help to boost circulation, flushing the skin with fresh oxygen and boosting cellular turnover. Combine this technique with our new Collagen Support Booster and you can experience a brighter, tighter, more hydrated complexion. Our revolutionary formula contains Kakadu Plum – a bio-active rich in vitamin C – as well as Finger Lime, which helps to nourish and moisturise the skin deep beneath its surface. Using long, firm strokes from the jawbone to the cheekbone will help to relieve tension and brighten even the dullest complexion.

For a nighttime boost
BOOSTER: Omega-3 Advanced Night Cream

Promote deep, restful sleep by treating your skin to a relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage just before you hit the pillow. Using our Omega-3 Advanced Night Cream with your Kansa wand, you can further amplify the benefits of your Booster by infusing the powerful ingredients deep into the dermis of your skin. Healthy fats from chia seed, macadamia and raspberry seed oils as well as shea butter and avocado oil help to moisturise the skin, while the combination of Australian bio-actives – including Kakadu Plum and Quandong – work synergistically to help heal and repair damaged skin while you sleep. Slow, circular strokes across the forehead, followed by firm upward strokes from your collarbone to your jaw, and up towards the cheekbone will have you slipping off to sleep in no time.

Discover the benefits of facial massage with our Kansa wand. Combine with your chosen Booster for your best skin yet – shop here.