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What’s In My Skincare: Argan Oil

What’s In My Skincare: Argan Oil

The Beauty Benefits Of Argan Oil


luscious locks to gorgeous skin, the “magical” Argan oil does it all. Used by
Moroccan women for centuries, the rest of us are now too starting to understand
the allure of this fabulous oil and to discover (and enjoy), day after day, its wonderful
properties.Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the argan
three and was for years the best-kept beauty secret of Moroccan women – a secret
that will soon transform your skin and your hair. Let’s see why “the liquid
gold” is the most popular plant oil on the beauty market and how you can
benefit from allowing it to be part of your beauty routine.

Bye, bye

Above all, Argan oil is famous for its superb 
anti-aging and
skin reviving properties. Thanks to the high concentration of vitamin A and vitamin
E (
one of the most powerful antioxidants) the precious Moroccan oil protects the
healthy cells from free radicals, promotes collagen synthesis (hence improves
skin’s elasticity) and aids in the formation of new cell membranes, that are
stronger and more resistant to external damage.

The high content of essential fatty acids makes Argan oil
wonderful for nourishing the skin, smoothing its surface and improving its
overall condition. Since it is pretty lightweight, Argan oil penetrates with
ease, reaching the deepest layers of the skin where it works its magic. Regular
application is sure to make your skin look
healthier and more glowing
– irresistible trio!

Note: We recommend using it as nightly treatment (applying it
before bed, alone or after your night crea) in order to allow it to work its
magic while you sleep, when your cells regenerate best.

Wondering how to keep your skin youthful as long as possible and how to do it naturally? We might have the answer… 

As the skin ages, collagen and elastin fibers decrease, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. Many factors hasten the skin’s aging process including genetics, hormones, pollution, UV damage, exposure to harsh products or cleansers, dehydration, etc. All of these factors can make the skin age prematurely and whilst there is little we can do to avoid some aspects of aging, a skincare regime that moisturizes,protects and nourishes in depth can assist in slowing down the aging process and greatly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. A leader in anti-aging organic skin science, La Mav’s organic bio-active formulation contains ingredients that have been scientifically demonstrated to reduce the appearance of aging and promote a noticeably healthier, youthful look.

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No More “Thirsty”

Another reason why we worship Argan oil is that
“the liquid gold” is the best natural
moisturizer we have ever tried! For real!
Argan oil restores and maintains
skin’s natural water-lipid barrier and this way prevents dehydration, keeping
your face plump, fresh and dewy looking. Argan oil is a good pick for people
struggling with dermatitis or eczema as they often have disrupted lipid barrier
and their skin tend to struggle retaining moisture inside the cells. Apart from
that, the oil doesn’t cause 
irritations and it very well tolerated by all skin
types. Even if you have very sensitive skin it’s highly unlikely that Argan oil
will cause you any trouble.

Last but not least, Argan oil can be used for healing chapped
lips, restoring the smoothness of ultra-dry areas like elbows/knees and for
improving the appearance of scars. True miracle worker!

Gorgeous, Shiny Locks!

There is one thing that I consider a huge plus when rating natural
plant oils – their multi functionality. If certain oil can be used both for
skin and 
hair, it immediately gets 3 additional starts and also a special place
in my beauty routine! Argan oil is no exception and it already has its 3 shiny
starts – it can do magic for your lock, seriously! I use it as nourishing and
restorative treatment or as frizz-taming, shine serum. In the first case, I
apply it in the roots and on the lengths and leave it for at least 1 hour (ideally
overnight) and then shower as per usual. When I use it as leave on treatment, I
apply a drop of it on the lengths of my hair, while it is still damp and then I
style as usual. In both cases the results are astonishing!

Note: If you
have shorter hair I’d advise you to start with one drop only, since applying
too much may leave your hair looking greasy and take away its volume.

La Mav’s Pure Organic Aragan Oil is 100% natural, free of harmful preservatives and full of natural skin and hair reviving substances!

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The natural sterols found in Argan oil help the hair strand retain
moisture, keeping your locks looking bouncy, healthy and sleek. Argan oil 
reduces brittleness, frizz and damage, by restoring the integrity of the hair
structure and nourishing the core of the hair strand. The high content of vitamin E is a guarantee
that your locks will stay protected from external damage and aggressors. And
all this – in a few drops of liquid gold! Naturally!

Have you already tried Argan Oil? Tell us in the comments below – we are curious to hear how you like it?

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