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What’s In Your Skin Care – Acai Pulp Oil

Acai Pulp Oil – Derived from the fruit with the most potent antioxidants!

Derived from the pulp of Acai Berries, Acai Pulp oil has been used for centuries by the natives of Brazil due to their incredible and incomparable health and nutrient properties. Acai berries are gathered by hand from protected areas of the Amazon Rainforest and cold-pressed immediately to achieve the purest oil possible. Blueberries were once thought to have the highest antioxidant count of all the berries, that is until the Acai berry was discovered. Acai berry contains the highest ORAC value (highest per unit value of antioxidant power) of any other edible fruit in the world.

In Brazil, this incredible superfruit is nicknamed the “Beauty Berry.” The reason for the name is because acai berries contain a vast array of compounds that make the body both look and feel great from the inside out.

Vitamins and Minerals found in Acai Pulp Oil

Acai pulp oil is rich in essential fatty acids, namely Omega 6 and Omega 9. It also contains essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and phytosterols, all essential for optimum health. This oil is also incredibly rich in powerful antioxidants, namely anthocyanins and phenols, which can help to prevent a variety of diseases due to their powerful effect on harmful free radicals.


 Acai berries recently gained recognition in the western world thanks to the likes of Oprah and Dr.Oz, but they have been a staple food of the Amazon tribes for centuries!

 Because of its high level of antioxidants, acai oil is one of the best candidates for skin creams AND hair products.

 There are nutritional compounds found in acai berries that are not found in any other fruit – 75 of which aren’t even identified yet!

What is acai pulp oil used for?

Acai pulp oil is absorbed into the skin quickly and effectively, making this oil an excellent for calming the skin instantly. Acai pulp oil is also a highly beneficial oil to treat acne, because of it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which both soothe and prevent blemishes. This oil is commonly found in anti-aging products due to its powerful hydrating properties which also means that it is commonly found in products designed to treat very dry or cracked skin.

Acne: Acai oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for acne-prone skin

Anti-Aging: Powerful antioxidants found in Acai oil as well as wonderful moisturizing properties make this oil a powerful anti-aging treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, and dry, damaged skin.

Dry, Cracked Skin: This very rich and hydrating oil can fix anything from dry lips to cracked heels on your feet.

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Choosing the right acai pulp oil

Do your research:

Being armed with information is essential when choosing products for your skin that contain this special oil. You need to make sure you know what to look for to ensure that you purchase products that contain only the purest and freshest forms of Acai Pulp Oil.

Read the label:

The label on a skin product can tell you a lot… if you know what to look for. To ensure that you are buying pure Acai oil – that is the only ingredient that should be listed on the label. The rule is – if you can’t pronounce it, then it’s more than likely some sort of chemical or skin irritant and that’s definitely not something you want to buy!


Because you will be purchasing pure Acai oil, you should be aware that the color will probably vary from batch to batch – just like any other pure organic oil. However, the color you generally want to look for is a dark green-colored liquid.

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