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What’s In Your Skincare:  Apricot Kernel Oil

The Beauty Benefits Of Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus Armeniaca) comes from the apricot tree native to East and Central Asia. Apricot kernel oil is cold-pressed from the dried seeds of apricots and has a composition similar to the one of peach or almond oil. Due to its light texture, it has become a popular ingredient in many skin care products including lotions, creams and exfoliants. What's more - Apricot kernel oil is so gentle that it is often used as a base ingredient for the formulation of baby products, as well as product for people with eczema and dermatitis. In other words - it's suitable even for those of you with highly sensitive skins. 

Vitamins & Minerals Found in Apricot Kernel Oil

This nourishing oil is a rich source of a variety of important vitamins and minerals that have wondrous effects on the health of your skin. It is mainly composed of two important unsaturated fatty acids, namely linoleic and oleic acid. These healthy fats keep the skin smooth and hydrated and can even help managing skin conditions such as eczema or acne.

Apricot kernel oil contains high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, dietary fiber and potassium. Vitamin C and E function as antioxidants, protecting your skin against harmful free-radicals. Vitamin A is excellent for improving skin's elasticity and restoring the integrity of skin's lipid barrier. 


 Apricot kernel oil is not only great for your skin – heat some of this oil up at home and apply to your locks once a week (all-natural DIY hot oil hair treatment!). This beauty ritual will stimulate the circulation of your scalp, ensuring that your hair will grow long, thick and healthy

 Fix dry cuticles in a pinch by massaging Apricot Oil into your cuticles every night before bed

How Does Apricot Kernel Oil Benefit The Skin?

GLA (gamma linoleic acid – which comes from omega-6) is highly present in organic apricot kernel oil and works to help maintain the moisture balance in the skin as well as keep it firm and toned. When combined with other ingredients like CoEnzyme Q10 and Vitamin E oil, Apricot Kernel soothes, revives and strengthens the skin, making it more resistant to external damage.

Thanks to its light texture, Apricot kernel oil may help to rehydrate both oily and dry skin. Apricot oil moisturizes the skin without leaving a greasy residue. It is especially beneficial for oily, hormone reactive or combination skin types. However – because it is so gentle, it can be used on any skin type!

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