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Discover the Amazing Benefits of Using a Face Mask - Enhance Your Skincare Routine!

Though many women think face masks are as just an occasional treat that you indulge on when you find some spare time for yourself, the truth
is, you can actually benefit a lot from making this ritual part of your beauty
routine, especially if you know how, when and why. Face mask are easy to use,
they act in a matter of minutes and they can improve visibly the appearance of
your skin right after the first application. Still not convinced? Let us tell
you more about the benefits of pampering your skin with these magical mixtures
of potent ingredients.

How can you benefit from using a face mask?

The greatest thing about facial mask is that there is an
incredible variety to choose from. Moisturizing, brightening, soothing,
cleansing, peeling, pore refining, nourishing – literally anything you can
think of. Application doesn’t take a lot of time, neither the product needs
more than 10 minutes to do its job, which makes facials a great quick fix for
any skin issue. The time the mask has to stay on your face varies depending on
the type you are using. For example, peeling mask containing acids have to stay
longer on the skin, so they can break the bondage between the old epidermal
cells and thus facilitate their removal, allowing the new cells to come out on
the skin’s surface. Hydrating and soothing masks, on the other hand, need more
or less 5 minutes to do their magic, because their ingredients are absorbed
into the skin almost immediately. Masks can also be used as an addition to the
advanced treatments you are using, like serums, nectars, etc. Last but not
least, let’s not forget that finding some time to relax and pamper yourself is
always a good idea. And it feels amazing!


How and when to apply face mask?

Usually, facials are applied on clean, slightly damp face
(unless the instructions for use say something else) and preferably after
exfoliation. When the dead cells from the skin’s surface are removed the active
ingredients from the mask penetrate deeper and this way you get the best of the
treatment you are using. If you are using a cleansing/purifying mask, steaming
your face before application will allow it to remove the dirt stuck in your
pores more easily. Hydrating and nourishing masks should be applied to the neck
as well – don’t neglect this area. Remember – don’t stay too long with the mask
applied (more than the instructions for use say), because you can get the
opposite effect – moisturizing mask left for too long can clog your pores,
while purifying ones with clay can over-dry it. Always wash with plenty of
water and make sure all traces of the mask are removed from your face. Enjoy
your freshly looking, radiant skin!

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