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An image of a woman showcasing LAMAV Anti-Ageing Mineral Foundation SPF15

At LAMAV we believe no-one should have to sacrifice their health for beauty, and choosing makeup should be no exception. Cue Mineral Makeup, the purest makeup on the market that effortlessly covers imperfections, evens out your complexion, provides buildable coverage AND delivers skincare benefits as you wear it. No, you’re not dreaming! It really is true! If you haven’t yet experienced the miracle of mineral makeup, read on to learn what it is, why it’s so impressive and how you can incorporate it into your makeup routine.

What is mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup is made of ground materials extracted from the earth, usually comprising of Mica, Zinc and Iron Oxides. The use of natural minerals for makeup and art is certainly not new, dating back to ancient times throughout many countries and cultures. Indigenous Australians have traditionally used ochre pigment from natural minerals for body paint and art that dates back many years!


Mineral makeup has evolved a lot in recent years and is now the base for a variety of cosmetic products including foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, eyeshadows and more. In its earlier years, mineral makeup was most commonly found in the form of loose foundation and concealer powders, along with bronzers and blush. These products are the cleanest form of mineral makeup as they are purely composed of minerals along with a few select bio-active, skin loving ingredients. 

You can now find Mineral Makeup products advertised in the form of liquid foundations, liquid concealers, cheek and eye products, however as these products are formulated with minerals and the addition of many other ingredients, it’s important to research what you could potentially be applying to your skin before you purchase. If you want to find a true mineral makeup product, find one that keeps ingredients simple. Mineral makeup isn’t just amazing because of what’s in it, what’s really impressive is how well it performs without the addition of synthetic fragrances, waxes, oil, and silicones.

Benefits of mineral makeup

The real difference between mineral makeup and traditional makeup is the benefits it can provide to your skin as you wear it. One of the most versatile makeup products you’ll own, the benefits of mineral makeup are almost endless.

Breathable and gentle on all skin types 

Thanks to its pure ingredients and minimal ingredient list, mineral makeup is one of the most gentle and breathable makeup items on the market. Fewer ingredients also make it low risk for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Its breathable nature also makes it an ideal choice for our acne prone friends as it is lightweight, oil absorbing and won’t clog your pores.


Most mineral makeup is suitable for all skin types as it won’t dry or irritate the skin but it also has a natural ability to absorb excess oil without accentuating fine lines or making the skin look flaky. Sensitive, Acne Prone and Mature Skin types can all benefit from wearing mineral makeup. 


A small amount of mineral makeup can be applied to even out your complexion, and more layers can be  applied for fuller coverage to conceal blemishes and pigmentation. Mineral makeup allows you to get the finish you desire without looking cakey. 

Easy to match and apply

Mineral Makeup is very easy to work with and correct if you make a mistake. Didn’t apply enough? Apply another layer. Applied too much? Blend it away with your Kabuki Brush. Mineral Makeup is also one of the only foundation products you’ll find where you can re-apply later in the day without it looking patchy or cakey. The mineral, light reflecting pigments easily blend in with your skin and one foundation colour can easily adapt to a variety of skin tones and types. Easy colour matching and application make it a foolproof foundation for makeup beginners.

Provides a Natural Finish

Whether you apply a little or a lot, mineral makeup will leave your skin looking healthy and natural. Your skin, but better. The powerful light-reflecting properties of the minerals enhance the natural radiance of your skin and give you a "lit from within" glow. 

Acts as a natural sunscreen

Both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide act as natural physical sunblocks, providing a certain degree of sun protection (often around SPF15) when you apply mineral makeup. In order to avoid sunburn and skin damage it is recommended that you still apply a dedicated sunscreen prior to your makeup application, particularly if you have fair skin and throughout the warmer months.


How to apply Mineral Makeup

Base Prep

As with any makeup application, the right skin prep will set you up for flawless results. Prepare your skin according to your skin type to ensure your skin is clean and well-hydrated. Using an appropriate cleanser, serum and moisturiser is a great place to start. If you have dry, sensitive or mature skin it’s best to use products that support hydration to prevent make-up from going patchy or clinging to any flaky, dry areas. If you have oily or acne prone skin it’s a good idea to use products that help to balance the skin without over-drying.

Primer may seem like an unnecessary additional step when preparing your skin for makeup, but it really can make a big difference. The right primer will hydrate and plump your skin while filling in pores and fine lines, creating a flawless base and extending the staying power of your makeup.


We Recommend: LAMAV’s Organic Bio-Active Primer as it’s suitable for all skin types and with the addition of potent bio-actives you will also get the benefits of age defence while hydrating and smoothing the skin.  

If you are layering makeup using liquid BB Cream or liquid concealer underneath your mineral foundation, now is the time to apply these products.

Mineral Foundation Application

  • Tap a small amount of foundation into the lid and press your chosen brush into the powder to pick up the foundation (we recommend LAMAV’s Vegan Kabuki Brush)
  • Tap the brush to remove any excess product (you can always apply more!)
  • Apply to the skin using lightweight circular motions working your way from the centre of the face outwards
  • Repeat until desired coverage is achieved

We recommend:
LAMAV’s Anti-Ageing Mineral Foundation. This mineral foundation will not only provide you with lightweight, luminous coverage, it’s also infused with Organic Rosehip and Pure Vitamin C to fight the effects of ageing as you wear it. 


  • Take your preferred mineral bronzer and tap a small amount of powder into the lid (start with light layers - it’s easier to add more than try to correct too much application) 
  • If you don’t have a bronzer you can apply more of your mineral makeup using the below steps to achieve additional colour or contour
  • If you don’t have a bronzer or contour brush you can pinch your vegan kabuki brush to create a more defined brush 
  • For a summer bronze glow apply to the high parts of your cheeks in soft-sweeping motions, being careful not to apply too close to the centre of the face. For a lifted effect you want to stay closer to the hairline. Continue to apply anywhere that needs a boost of colour where the sun would naturally hit such as the hairline, forehead, nose, chin. Soften any harsh lines or too much product application by gently buffing away with your kabuki brush using circular motions.
  • For a defined contour apply a small amount underneath the cheekbone, around the hairline and along/under the jawbone. You can also contour the eyes by applying to the crease of your eyes and lash line using a small eyeshadow brush.

We recommend: LAMAV’s Sunkissed Bronzer as it’s more than just a bronzer. Thanks to the addition of potent bio-actives, your skin will receive a boost of vitamin c and organic rosehip oil as you apply it, leaving you with a sun-kissed natural glow. This bronzer also has impressive staying power and is flattering on all skin types and tones.

Set and go!

Use a setting powder to brighten under eyes, set concealed areas, blur imperfections and smooth enlarged pores. If you have oily skin the addition of setting powder over your mineral foundation to your t-zone areas will help absorb excess oil keeping you shine-free for the entire day.

We recommend: LAMAV’s Mattifying Powder will set your makeup while providing a shine-free finish without drying the skin. This silky blend of lightweight minerals will blur pores and imperfections for a smooth, refined complexion.

A good setting powder shouldn’t dry the skin, however if you have mature or dry skin you may benefit from a hydrating setting spray to set your mineral powder in place and provide you with one final burst of hydration before you run out the door. Try the LAMAV Rose Hydrating Mist Spray to set your makeup and don’t forget to throw in your handbag to rehydrate throughout the day!