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Sweet Balancing Orange Cleanser,Marula Oil Cleanse and Hydra-Calm Cream Cleansererd

Hello! Have you ever looked at a brand and been overwhelmed? With so much choice in the world of skincare, sometimes all you need is a cheat sheet – to know what goes where and when and whether it suits your skin. That’s why we decided to create a digital FAQ sheet, that you can refer to anytime. The first topic: cleansers!

Let’s dive in:

Question 1: What are cleansers?

Put simply, cleansers are a product that removes dirt or other substances. In the realm of skincare, cleansers are formulated to breakdown makeup, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from the skin. It’s easily the most important step of your skincare regime – why? Well, think about it. If you aren’t properly cleansing your face, then how can the rest of your routine do it’s job. Answer: It can’t. So, remember, cleanse, cleanse, cleanse in circular motions for 60 seconds and then lather away the day with lukewarm water.

Question 2: Okay… but there are so many types of cleansers, help!

Okay, now that we have the basics down - let's talk textures. You may have noticed, cleaners come in different shapes, sizes and textures. Usually there’s 4 types of textures:

  • Cream
  • Oil
  • Gel
  • Foam

Each texture is often formulated with different skin types in mind. Let’s go through our selection of cleansers:

Marula Oil Cleanser - Exactly as the title states, this one is an oily consistency. It’s typically meant to be your first cleanse (but more on that later) and is a fool proof way to remove even the heaviest of glams. All skin types can use this, our oil cleanser is high in camellia seed oil and rosehip to help replenish lost moisture and keep skin plump and fresh.

marula oil cleanser

Hydra-Calm Cream Cleanser - A creamy cleanser that is best suited for dry to sensitive skin types, we’ve packed in bio-actives such as Kakudu Plum, Aloe Vera Juice and Vitamin E to soothe inflamed skin. Rosacea and eczema skin friendly.

Hydra-Calm Cream Cleanser

Sweet Balancing Orange Cleanser - If you’re oily or combination skin, this one’s for you. Its gel based and lightweight. Full of gentle exfoliating ingredients, it’s going to help remove excess sebum, break down makeup and leave your skin refined and fresh.

Sweet Orange Balancing Cleanser

Question 3: And what’s the double cleansing method I keep seeing on the internet?

It might seem like a lot to double cleanse, but we promise it’s not. It’s as simple as it sounds and involves thoroughly washing your face with two cleansers. Ideally, two different cleansers to have the desired effect.

Typically, you’d start with an oil-based cleanser which is what helps to break down your makeup and SPF. Once you’ve rinsed that off, you go in with your cream or gel. The second cleanse ensures that all the sweat, pollution and any excess sebum is removed.

What’s the point of it though? Glad you asked – it’s meant to help ensure a clean but juicy canvas so that your skincare can realllllly penetrate and do it’s job.

Question 4: Now that I’ve cleansed, what comes next?

Whatever you want! Pending your skin concerns, now is the time to layer on your serums. Just remember, to go from thinnest to thickest and start with the concern that’s your number 1 priority.

Finish up with a moisturiser of your choice, and you’re ready for bed. Now that we have cleansers covered, tune back in for round 2, where we’ll answer YOUR questions on Serums.

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Alisha Bhojwani is a Sydney-based digital strategist and content specialist. When she's not reminding her friends to wear SPF, you can find her drenching her face in Vitamin C and consuming copious amounts of peanut butter. You can find her on Instagram at @alishabhojwani_