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 Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 Antioxidant Oil


Winter is here in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s time to recover and rejuvenate. It is time to nurture your body with healthy and nourishing foods. But just because a cold shift is coming, doesn’t mean our skin has to suffer.


Here’s our Top 10 tips to keep that summer glow all winter long


1. You still need SPF

Just because the sun isn’t streaming down, doesn’t mean you should ditch the SPF. Whilst it’s true that there are less UVB rays around in winter, UVA rays are still at an all time high and can penetrate through glass. So, if you want to prevent premature aging and hold onto that glow, there needs to be less complaining and more SPF-ing.


2. Stay hydrated!

How to take care of your skin in winter

Let’s be honest… winter is probably most people’s least favorite season. Sure, the fashion is great, but the cool temperatures and low humidity levels are hard on the skin. To ensure your skin barrier doesn’t become impaired, you’ll want to up the hydration, inside and out. Start with a large glass of water every morning, followed with a couple pumps of our Hyaluronic Hydra-Max Serum. It’s like a biggggggg drink of water for your skin!


3. Don’t forget to exfoliate 

AHA Face Exfoliant

You can apply all the serums in the world, but dry skin will stay dry without some light exfoliation. Opt for a mild glycolic or lactic acid, like our AHA Face Exfoliant to slough off those dead skin cells, allowing all those potions and lotions to work tenfold.


4. Up your Omegas

Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 Antioxidant Oil

Omegas play a huge role in the important of skin health. Proven to improve eczema and maintain a healthy cell membrane, adding omegas into your diet or skincare is a fool proof way to softer skin. Our Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 Antioxidant Oil is packed with fatty acids to help fight environmental damage whilst delivering antioxidants to the dermal layers of the skin. We’ve also ensured it’s lightweight and absorbs quickly, so it’s friendly to all.


5. Change up your skincare routine

Omega 3 Advanced Night Cream for healthy skin in winter

Winter skincare is all about layering. The aim is to keep moisture in and free radicals out to ensure healthy, happy skin. An oil is a great starting point, followed by an emollient or occlusive based cream to lock in all that hydration. Our Omega 3 Advanced Night Cream has a combination of four different oils and two butters to keep your skin nourished.


6. Your hands need love too 

Ever noticed how much you wash your hands in winter compared to summer? Yeah, it’s A LOT – because with winter comes…the flu… and no one wants to get sick. So, instinctively we increase our use of soap or sanitizer which leads to stripping our hands of its natural oils. So, just like you’d give your face some much needed hydration… don’t forget about your hands (and neck too!).


7. Lip care is crucial

Chapped lips are the bane of winter living. Just like your face, your lips need some care. You’re going to want to invest in an exfoliating scrub (a simple homemade sugar scrub will do the trick) and a lip mask. Look for masks that have glycerin, plant based waxes or butters high on the ingredient list to wake up with soft, plump lips.


8. Invest in skin tools

Skin tools are everywhere right now and for good reason. Not only are they fun to use but they pack some serious benefits. We’re taking our three favorite tools (the Ayurvedic Kansa Wand, Gua Sha and Micro Dermal Roller) into winter to keep our skin looking it’s best. 

If you’re feeling stifled after a big week, our Kansa Wand is designed to unblock energy whilst bringing tired skin back to life. Or… perhaps you went a little too hard on the drinks over the weekend? Our Gua Sha and Roller stimulates lymphatic drainage and reduces inflammation. And to keep your skin in-check all week long, our Micro Dermal Roller promotes collagen growth which helps to support our skin structure.


9. Too much heat isn’t a good thing

Everyone loves a long, hot shower in the winter. Unfortunately, hot water strips the skin of natural moisture that keeps it healthy, hydrated and protected. Avoid dry, rough skin, and take a short, lukewarm shower. Pop on some fluffy slippers, a bathrobe and pour yourself a hot cup of peppermint tea to stay warm.


10. Stay active 

As it starts to get chilly, I know how tempting it is to hit the snooze button and skip your AM workout…BUT there’s no better way to get your blood flowing then 30 mins of exercise. Plus, did you know that increasing your heart rate stimulates the production of your skin’s natural oils which = smooth, supple, and glowing skin.


About Author 

Alisha Bhojwani is a Sydney-based digital strategist and content specialist. When she's not reminding her friends to wear SPF, you can find her drenching her face in Vitamin C and consuming copious amounts of peanut butter. You can find her on Instagram at @alishabhojwani_