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Get Glowing, Healthy Skin Naturally!

Since my
parents are Russian, drinking tea has always been a very special ritual at
home. Almost all of my childhood memories are connected with a cup of
warm tea that refreshes the mind, wakes up your senses and brings you comfort.

A few years
ago, when I decided to ditch all chemicals out of my life and go green, I
started exploring the magical properties of tea/herbs in terms of their topical
application. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that herbal infusions
can actually substitute half of my ¨holy grail¨ beauty items that I used to
swear by. After trying I-don´t-know-how-many different herbal extracts I picked
up some that are still my favorite and are essential part of my beauty routine.
If you are on the hunt for all-natural, toxic-free, DIY skin care, this post is
for you!


This is probably the natural plant extract I´ve been using longest and I simply can´t live without it. My absolute favorite!

The extract from rose petals has incredible skin soothing properties and is able to reduce any type redness and irritation in just a few minutes. I have atopic skin that is prone to dryness and quite often it looks dull and lifeless, no matter what I eat, how much I sleep, etc. With just a few spritz of rose water, my skin starts glowing, it feels softer and more hydrated.

If you have 
delicate, sensitive skin that is often dry and tight, you need to get your hands on this incredible natural elixir – I promise you´ll spot the difference immediately! Trust me, there is a reason why rose is considered to be the ¨plant of beauty¨.

La Mav’s Rose Hydrating Mist is a gentle alcohol-free toner, designed to re-balance your skin’s pH and stimulate the natural radiance with its refreshing and revitalizing properties. Formulated with Rosa damascena (Rose), Jasmine and Geranium essential oils for a calm and soothing effect. Rose Hydrating Mist is perfect for normal, dry, and highly sensitive skin, helping to reduce pore size appearance. Bisabolol and Pro-Vitamin B5 help moisturize and hydrate while removing surface impurities and toxins, as well as help prevent the visible signs of aging.

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Green Tea

most of you know that having a cup of green tea per day reduces the chance of
cardiovascular diseases, obesity, high cholesterol, depression and even cancer.
But do you know that green tea extract, applied topically, can do just as many
wonderful things for your skin, as it does for your body?

To begin
with I´d like to explain what makes Green tea so special. Green tea (along with
grapes and olives) is famous for its high content of polyphenols – naturally occurring
chemicals with powerful antioxidant activity which can keep your skin youthful
and healthy when added to your skin care routine.

One of the most
important polyphenol found in Green tea is Epigallocatechin Gallete (EGCG) – plant
catechin, famous for its superb anti-inflammatory properties and its antioxidant
activity. According to some studies, the polyphenols in green tea are so potent
that they can even reduce the risk of skin cancer, by neutralizing the free
radicals formed in the skin during sun exposure. Besides that, EGCG stimulates
the formation of new skin cells and supports healthy collagen production. Quite
impressive, isn´t it?


anti-inflammatory qualities of the green tea extract make it ideal for reducing
acne-outbreaks, getting rid of redness, associated with infections and suppressing
bacteria growth. Some studies even suggest it balances sebum production and can
help with enlarged pores. 
If you are struggling with acne, homemade, green tea toner
is a must try for you!

How To: In order to achieve higher
concentration of active ingredients you have to brew strong tea. Add 4
teaspoons of green tea to a 250ml cup of water instead of the regular dose you
would use when you prepare tea for drinking.

Apart from
that, since polyphenols are not very stable, even when stored under specific
condition, they degrade pretty quickly. For best results I´d recommend preparing
a new infusion every 2-3 days.

PS: If you
don´t like the smell of green tea, you can always add a drop of your favorite
essential oil.

Speaking of oily skin and acne, if you are planning to go green with your beauty routine (or you already did it), we might have something for you…

La Mav Purify & Clean Range is designed to prep, cleanse and exfoliate combination, oily or normal skin types, prone to acne. It effectively detoxes and purifies without dehydrating or irritating. Our Purify & Clean range is formulated with potent ingredients to achieve balance in blemish-prone skin without the harshness of strong chemicals, leaving you with fresh, clean and glowing face.

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To be
honest, I don´t have hyperactive sebaceous glands and I mainly use mint tea to
get a cooling and refreshing feeling on my skin. Nevertheless, mint tea can help
you a lot if your 
skin is on the oily side. Mint reduce sebum secretion,
helping you to get rid of clogged pores and pimples. It has astringent properties, hence 
minimizes enlarged pores and keep your skin firm. Last
but not least, mint has relatively good anti-inflammatory qualities that can be
of benefit to those of you who struggle with frequent skin irritations. 

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