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A woman gracefully cleans her neck using a Kansa Wand, a wooden device, as part of popular beauty and wellness trends worldwide.

The beauty industry is ever changing and constantly growing, providing its customers with new products and experiences everyday. Advancements in the skincare industry have given birth to new beauty and wellness trends that are inspired by the holistic approach and earth’s natural properties. One of the best ways to catapult your skincare routine is to incorporate these skincare trends from across the globe. 

We bring you the origins of five beauty and wellness trends from every nook and corner of the world.


1. Facial massage

Originated from: Korea and India

Facial massage is a popular technique in Korea for applying skincare products. They are meticulous about their skincare techniques and believe that facial massage increases blood circulation by draining the lymph nodes. Facial massage helps remove toxins from your face and help you get clear, brighter and radiant skin. 

Facial massage also holds an important place in the Indian Ayurveda as it works to unblock energy channels, rebalance and restore the body’s natural healing mechanisms. You can use a Kansa Wand to promote improved circulation and lymphatic drainage to help detoxify and revitalise tired, stressed or lacklustre skin.

Not only this, facial massage can help you address multiple skincare concerns, from puffiness to dull and lacklustre skin. 
A Kansa Wand accessory, featuring a wooden and gold ball resting on a white surface.


2. Facial Cleansing Powders

Originated from: Japan

Facial cleansing powders are the perfect combination of effective exfoliating and cleansing. Japanese women have been using rice-based powder cleansers to get the naturally clear, lovely skin that they are famous for. The rice powder's natural enzymes offer the skin a boost of radiance while gently cleansing and exfoliating it, giving it a healthy shine.

The majority of Japanese powder cleansers still use ultra-fine rice bran powder as their primary ingredient, but many skincare businesses now also include other skin-friendly ingredients to provide your skin with the most benefits.


3. Jade Rollers and Gua-Sha

Originated from: China and Vietnam

Jade rollers and Gua-sha are one of the most popular skincare and wellness trends in the market these days. Using a jade roller or gua sha to massage your face is said to stimulate your chi. Recently, these devices in the style of paint rollers have appeared everywhere, but the Chinese beauty tool truly dates back to the Ming Dynasty which dates back to 1300-1600s.

Modern gua sha treatments are gentler on the skin and more similar to a facial massage than the old Chinese medicine method of scratching one's face to burst blood vessels. This technique is supposed to boost the immune system, treat chronic pain, and minimise wrinkles and other telltale symptoms of ageing.

Discover the benefits of facial massage with a rose quartz stone and rose gold gua sha tool. Shop now to stimulate your chi and rejuvenate your skin.


4. Inside Out Beauty with Adaptogens

Originated from: India

Nowadays, adaptogens—additional herbs that aid your body in adapting to its own physical, biological, and emotional needs—are included in everyone's favourite juices and green smoothies as a budding wellness trend. Adaptogens are the newest wellness trends and assist busy bees in managing anxiety and stress, much as adding protein or collagen to a drink. Get it here.

Some of the most well-liked adaptogens originate in the East. The "happy boost" properties of reishi, ashwagandha, and Asian ginseng are well noted. All of these plants are non-toxic and have been used in Ayurveda, one of the oldest systems of alternative, natural treatment, for centuries in India.

Image of adaptogen-rich Glowing Skin DUO, featuring LAMAV ayurvedic beauty powder and beauty restore for holistic physical and emotional well-being


5. Cleanse with Milk and Honey

Originated from: Europe

Together, milk and honey make a fantastic skin cleanser because they both have antibacterial properties. Alpha-hydroxy acids, like lactic acid in milk, naturally destroy dead skin cells.

Honey aids in opening pores and removing dirt. Honey is particularly beneficial in both preventing and treating acne since it has antimicrobial properties. Additionally, honey hydrates the skin and acts as a humectant, adding moisture to the skin.

These skincare trends have been around a long time and you should definitely give them a try. But remember to always adopt a skincare routine that is suitable for your skin. 



1. How are beauty and wellness related?

Wellness is the expanded form of beauty. Clean beauty signifies wellness. The natural ingredient in beauty and skincare products increase the overall wellness of your skin as well as your body. 

2. What are the benefits of beauty and wellness?

Beauty and wellness promote a healthier body, clearer skin, more youthful and radiant appearance, better managed skincare disorders and greater self confidence. 

3. How does skin care benefit your wellbeing?

Pampering your skin the correct way can trigger a cascade of chemicals that can help boost your mood as well as  your self confidence. Taking care of your skin reduces stress, encourages self care, and strengthens your self worth.