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The Incredible Benefits of Yoga

Why You Should Try Yoga

If you are wondering when is the best time to start practising yoga, you are already behind the schedule. Not to worry, though. Start today and you will soon redeem all the amazing benefits that yoga has to offer. To put it in a nutshell, yoga will make you feel better. No exceptions there. To support this claim, we give you 5 reasons to go to the nearest studio and apply for the membership card.


1.Yoga = A Quiet Mind

Constant stress and too many distractions in life are our reality. And while we cannot change the circumstances, we can surely learn how to block them out. Learn how to focus on one thing at a time. Yoga teaches us to sit quietly on the mat, breathe deeply, forget about our friends and foes alike, and selfishly shift our attention to what is going on in our mind and body. This way, you train your mind to get rid of the clutter and reach one-pointedness.

As easy as this might sound, don’t be fooled, because mindfulness requires a lot of time and practice. But we guarantee you that after every yoga class, you will notice that some things that bothered you have fallen into place, while others have simply disappeared.


2.Yoga = Strength

Have you ever closely watched someone doing asanas? One leg bent, the other one stretched. Left arm in the air, right arm grabbing your left foot. Not to mention the headstands. It’s almost like watching a circus show. In order to do all those mind-boggling poses, you will need strength. Again, this is not something you will gain during the first yoga class.

At first, there will be falls and you will have to accept failure. But, in time, your fitness levels will increase and so will your muscles. With a stronger body comes stronger self-confidence and stronger will to deal with everyday obstacles.


3.Yoga = Increased Flexibility

For someone who hasn’t gotten the taste of asanas, flexibility is probably the first thing that comes to mind when the benefits of yoga are mentioned. Don’t get us wrong, flexibility IS one of the items in the yoga’s pros column, but it is much more than that gloating feeling you get the first time you manage to put your leg behind your head. The majority of people probably aren’t aware that improved flexibility means healthier connective tissue, which means an increased range of motion, which means fewer injuries. 


4.Yoga = Proper Breathing

This is one thing they don’t teach you at school. Given the importance of breathing, it is a major oversight. We take about 20,000 breaths a day and if we are not doing it right, this means that 20,000 times a day we are doing more harm than good to our bodies. Unfortunately, 80% of people are chest breathers, meaning their breaths are shorter and quicker. More importantly, they use only a small portion of their lungs, without even being aware of it. Yoga ‘forces’ you to stop and become fully aware. It makes you concentrate, take longer and deeper breaths, and follow your breath from your nose to your belly and back to your mouth. This way you are delivering a significantly larger amount of oxygen to the bloodstream.


5.Yoga = Happiness

The ultimate truth is, yoga isn’t about the poses and flat bellies. It is about feeling comfortable in your own body regardless of its shape and size. It is about treating yourself right. About making better choices for yourself. About letting go of your past, built up emotions, and bad habits. Simply, it is about being happier.


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