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5 Reasons To Wake Up Early

5 Reasons To Wake Up Early

5 Morning Rituals Worth Waking Up For

Have you ever thought about how much we miss while lying in bed, postponing the start of the day? Recently, after realizing that I have too much on my plate – work, studies, chores, etc., I’ve decided it’s time to change my lazy habits. I started waking up and hour earlier and you won’t believe how it changed my life! Today I’ll share with you my list of enjoyable morning stuff that I now have time for (+ how they set me up for a great day ahead!).

Enjoy Your First Cup Of Coffee

If you are a true coffee lover you know that it's not just about getting your daily fix of caffeine. Getting up early allows you to sit down and enjoy your morning cuppa - the rich aroma, the flavour, the warmth of a sip of freshly brewed coffee. 

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Same applies if you are a tea drinker. Having time to actually enjoy your “hug in a cup” is precious. Apart from that, preparing your tea is a ritual that can help you start the day feeling balanced and inspired.

Do Some Yoga

Or any other sport you like. Moving your body will boost your mood, make you feel energized and will enhance the natural glow of your skin. No one said you have to do intense cardio for an hour (though if you feel like it, and you have the time for it – why not?). Moving your body for fifteen minutes is enough to improve blood circulation, feed your brain with oxygen and nutrients, and give you energy and clarity to seize the day (+ a beautiful flush of colour on your checks, that even the best blush can't replicate). 

No Adrenaline Rush

Have you ever thought about how great it would be if you don’t have to rush like crazy, just because you hit the snooze button way-too-many-times? What should you do first – put makeup on, get dressed, have coffee, grab a bite or walk the dog? Who needs that amount of stress that early, anyway? If you wake up on time, you'll be able to have a mindful morning, where all "responsibilities" will be seen and experienced as enjoyable rituals that prep you for the day. 

Pamper Your Skin

How often do you have time for a face mask in the morning? Never, right? When it comes to my beauty routine, I stick to the following rule “Loving your skin and taking good care of it, always pays off!”. So, if you find time to make some tea, read a magazine, or watch TV, why not find some time for a beauty treat? Applying a hydrating mask in the morning is my all-time favorite! It adds a lovely glow to my skin and makes it look plump and smooth. A rich moisturizing mask is a great way to prep your skin for makeup - your base will blend seamlessly, and you'll achieve a flawless, natural finish with ease. 

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Put Some Makeup On

I am a firm believer that a bit of makeup helps us feel more confident, so it's totally worth waking up 15 minutes earlier to make that face of yours glow. When I say "a bit" I mean some BB creme, mascara and bronzer. No complications, no fuss. 


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