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Organic Skin Science

 Rose Hydrating Mist

If there is one thing that I absolutely adore is when I wake up from my mid-day nap and my skin is smooth, my cheeks are rosy and my face is so glowing, that I don’t even think about reaching out for my favorite BB cream. Sadly, as I can’t take naps every 2 hours, I had to find ways to achieve that gorgeous healthy look and
keep it during the day. And I’ve found them (YAY)!

Today, I’ll
share with you my tested-and-proven-to-work tricks that make my skin look dewy,
radiant and fresh – anytime!

Face Mists

potion in a bottle – this is what it is. Face mist are my favorite beauty item
(after my 354 lip sticks/glosses/balms…you can never have enough…). What
I love most about face mists is that they deliver immediate results (a very nice dewy look) and you can spritz them on your face anytime (even if you are
makeup). Actually, some mists even fix makeup and help it stay longer.

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Face mists
are like water injection for your skin. Whenever you feel tightness and your
skin looks dull, a nice cloud of tiny, almost microscopic drops, full of moisture
is there to save the day. Visible results in a minute – what not to love about

What To Try: Rose Hydrating Mist


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Get Yourself Moving

It may sound cliché but it works! When you sweat out a little you improve the blood flow to the skin surface which means more nutrients and oxygen for the cells. And happy, nourished cells just can’t “look bad”!


Regular Exfoliation

Did you know
that in 30% of the time (maybe even 50%) your skin looks grey and lifeless,
because it’s covered with a layer of dead cells. Doesn’t sound nice, does it?
Removing the dead epidermal cells that accumulate daily is essential if you
want to have smooth skin surface and radiant, even complexion. Just make sure
not to overdo it – 
over-exfoliating can make your skin drier and more susceptible to infections and redness. Using a scrub two times a week is considered “safe
& beneficial” though I’d suggest monitoring how your skin feels, so you can
reduce or increase the number of exfoliations per week, if necessary.

What To Try: Jojoba Beds & Argan Oil Exfoliating Scrub

La Mav’s organic scrub is
infused with Argan oil and Jojoba for a luxurious yet gentle
bio-exfoliant that leaves the skin clean, toned and energized. Formulated
with Jojoba and Oat extract to help fight inflammation, this scrub
exfoliates and removes excess oil and impurities, providing a natural
and glowing vitality to your skin.

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Cream Cleansers

Have you
ever tried using a cream cleanser? You won’t believe what a difference it makes! 
SLES free, with nice creamy texture, enriched with oils and moisturizing
ingredients – the ultimate “impurities killer” that will leaves your skin super
soft and fresh!


If you don’t
like it after the first use, because it doesn’t leave your skin “squeaky clean”,
let me tell you something – squeaky clean is not sexy! Trust me. “Squeaky clean”
often leads to dehydrated, tight skin that looks absolutely lifeless several
minutes after you’ve removed all dirt and makeup from it. And lifeless skin can’t
be radiant, you know it.

What To Try: Hydra Calm Cleansing Cream

Winner of the Nature & Health 2012 Beauty Award,
this gentle cleanser is designed for dry skin to wash away impurities,
perspiration and pollutants, deeply hydrating and conditioning the skin. 
with Bio-Flavonoids, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter to moisturize and
cleanse the skin which will reveal a clear, bright, smooth surface.

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Vitamin Boost

Having a balanced, rich diet is essential, because the way you skin looks depends
directly on what you eat, but delivering a daily vitamin “cocktail” from an
outside source is just as important. Vitamins like C, E and A not only protect
your skin from free radicals, thanks to their antioxidant properties, but also improve
skin’s clarity, its texture and its overall condition.

When I want
to “vitaminize” my skin I always opt for serums – they are much more
concentrated, compared to creams and lotions, which guarantees better results
in less time (ain’t nobody got time to wait, right?).

At the
present moment, my “hero” is 
vitamin C – it boosts collagen production,
brightens the skin tone, minimizes dark spots and fine lines and gives my face
a wonderful healthy glow. L-O-V-E it!

What To Try: Daily Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Formulated with Bearberry extract and Melissa officinalis
extracts to promote healthy, glowing and evenly
toned skin. This highly concentrated brightening Vitamin-C serum will improves your skin’s clarity and boosts radiance.
 Daily use will also help
counter pigmentation while strengthening collagen and elastin for
luminous and younger looking skin.

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