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Why Do You Need a Face Mist in Your Beauty Routine

Face mists, also known as “beauty mists”, have been on the skin care market for quite a while, but since there are people, still wondering about “what do facial mists really do?” we’ve decided to prepare a blog post and tell you more about the benefits of including this multi-purpose beauty product in your skincare routine. And if you are thinking “yet another beauty invention”, hold on – when we are saying this miraculous skin elixir deserves its place in your beauty arsenal, it's for a reason. Actually - several reasons. Below you'll find some of the key benefits of face mists and how they can help your skin look its best.

Refresh and Hydrate Your Skin

What I love most about facial mists is that they are the quickest fix when you want your skin to look dewy and glowing. Unlike water that is actually drying for your skin, mists are formulated with ingredients that not only deliver instant hydration but also help moisture levels stay stable. With just two spritzes, face mists can transform your skin from “tired and dull” to “radiant and fresh”. 

PS: Face mists are especially useful when you are flying or if the office you are working in is heavily air-conditioned. 

Balance Oil Production

A very common misconception among people with oily skin is that their skin doesn’t need hydration. The truth is quite different, though. In most cases, the reason why your skin starts producing oil in the middle of the day and you get "shiny" is because your skin is dehydrated and your body tries to compensate the lack of water, be secreting more sebum. A moisture boost with the help of a purifying/oil-balancing face mist will restore the balance in your skin and will keep shine at bay. 

What to Try: La Mav Purifying Toner

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Sooth Irritated Skin

If you struggle with sensitive skin, you know that when redness and irritations appear you want them gone as soon as possible (preferably, straight away). Facial mists formulated with Rose Water, Aloe Vera Juice and Chamomile Extract instantly calm the skin, alleviate itchiness and eliminate redness. some face mists with advanced formulas are even able to reduce skin's overall sensitivity and increase its resistance to external aggressors.

What to Try: La Mav Rose Hydrating Mist


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Set/Refresh Your Makeup

One of the must-have items in the kit of every makeup artist is... you guessed it - face mist! The reason why makeup artists and models swear by face mists is that they are your best ally in maintaining the gorgeous look you’ve achieved in the morning, throughout the entire day. Not only they help your face look fresh all day long, but they also allow makeup blend into the skin seamlessly, for a more natural look.

Oh, and did I mention face mists smell wonderful and spraying them on your face on a hot day is the most relaxing ritual ever?
Give them a go! 

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