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Why Do You Need a Face Mist in Your Beauty Routine

If I tell
you that there is one thing that can wake up your skin in a minute, would you
believe me? Well, I am happy to inform you – there is!

Face mists,
also known as “face water”, have been on the skin care market for quite a
while, but since there are people, still wondering about
“what do facial mists really do?” we’ve decided
to prepare a blog post and tell you more about the benefits of including this
multi-purpose beauty item in your skin care routine. And if you are thinking
“yet another new-age beauty invention”,
hold on – when we are saying this miraculous liquid deserve its place in your
beauty arsenal, be sure, there is a reason for that. To be exact – several reasons.

Refreshe and Hydrate Your Skin

What I love
most about facial mists is that they are the best solution when you are trying
to get a nice dewy look (and you want it now!). Unlike water that is actually
drying for your skin, mists are formulated with ingredients that not only
deliver instant hydration but also make it last. With just two spritz, these ultra-moisturizing
liquids take your skin from looking “tired and dull” to 
“radiant and fresh”.
Easy as it sounds, trust me.

Note: Face mists are specially useful when you are
flying or if the office you are working in is heavily air-conditioned.

Balance Oil Production

A very
common misconception among people with oily skin is that their skin doesn’t need
hydration. Totally wrong! In most cases, the reason why your skin starts
producing oil in the middle of the day is because it is dehydrated and 
your body tries to compensate the lack of moisture, be secreting sebum to lubricate it.
A good boost of moisture will trick your skin into thinking everything is okay,
thus – no more “shiny look” for you!

La Mav’s Purifying Toner is a dual purpose toner designed to refine the pores and assist in maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance. Formulated with Melissa water and Bilberry extract to tighten and firm, this toner delivers clean, smooth skin and promotes a younger looking appearance. Daily use, be it as mist or toner, will help prevent the visible signs of aging and reduce pore size appearance! 

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Sooth Irritated Skin

The moment 
when redness and irritations “take over” your face is when you need help most.
And you need it urgently. Facial mists formulated with Rose Water, Aloe Vera
Juice and Chamomile Extract instantly calm the skin, alleviate itchiness and
eliminate redness. Pure magic, I am telling you! The best thing about them – no face touching required (we
all know that irritated skin doesn’t “like” being touched).

La Mav’s Rose Hydrating Mist is a gentle alcohol-free toner designed to re-balance your skin’s pH and stimulate the natural radiance with its refreshing and revitalizing properties. Formulated with Rosa damascena (Rose), Jasmine and Geranium essential oils for a calm and soothing effect, the mist is perfect for normal, dry, and highly sensitive skin, helping to reduce pore size appearance. Bisabolol and Pro-Vitamin B5 help moisturize and hydrate while removing surface impurities and toxins, for a luminous complexion with no match!


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Set Your Makeup

One of the must-have items in every makeup artist’s bag is a bottle of…water. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? The reason why makeup artists and models swear by face mists is that they are your best ally in maintaining the gorgeous look you’ve achieved in the morning, throughout the entire day. By spraying some mist on your face, when you do some touch ups, you soften the makeup and which allows better blending and more natural finish. Face mist in your makeup bag, equals no-more-cakey-look and weirdly looking “layered face”.

Aside from that, even if you are not planning on doing a touch up (because you are too lazy or you don’t have time for that), a bit of face mist will set the
makeup you already have on in place, helping it settle into the skin, for a more natural look.

Oh, and did I
mention face mists smell wonderful and spraying them on your face in a hot day
is the most relaxing ritual ever? Give them a go! You won’t regret it, I

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