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6 Ways To Be Happier

Be honest with yourself. Are you happy? Or do you feel that your life could be better in some way?

If you’re a human, your answer will most likely be the latter. It is only natural to want more, better, greater. Sadly enough, it is also in human nature to give up on happiness all too easily and to blame the misfortunes in our lives on luck and other external circumstances.

One thing that most of us forget is that you do not have to wait for the stars to align to live your best life. You just need to decide to be happy and work your way towards that goal. Step by step.


If you ae uncertain where to start, keep reading.

1st Step - Get moving

Clear up some time in your schedule for a regular workout. And again, don’t let the lack of money or space dissuade you. Even if this means waking up 30 minutes earlier in the morning and walking to work, you will soon notice a positive turn in your outlook on life. Research shows that just by improving our posture and walking more determinedly, you will feel less fatigued and in turn less downhearted. So, if you are sitting at your desk all day, at least remember to sit up straight.

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2nd Step - Meditate

Mindfulness is THE thing right now and for a good reason. One of the main reasons why people are so unhappy these days is the feeling of loosing a grip over their own life. We are constantly anticipating some changes or decisions at work, dwelling on our past mistakes. Meditation won’t solve your problems for you, but it will help you feel less overwhelmed. You will learn how to break all your troubles into little pieces and deal with them one at a time.


3rd Step - Mind Your Diet

The way to one's happiness is (also) through their stomach. Good digestion and a well-balanced diet will improve your health and make you feel more energetic. For a start, set aside a couple of hours during the weekends to plan your weekly menu. Stick to 10 to 20-minute lunches, so you could prepare them in the morning before you go to work. Make sure you include all the goodies that your body needs and uses on a daily basis and cut down on sugar, deep fried food, and white bread.


4th Step - Give Yourself a Royal Treatment

No matter how superficial it may sound, looking good and feeling good have a lot in common. Go book an appointment with your beautician. Take a new haircut. Go on a weekend spa getaway. Prepare a warm relaxing bath in the evening for yourself. Buy a new pair of shoes. Pamper your skin with an organic nourishing face mask. Treat yourself like you were the most important person in the world and you’ll soon start feeling like one.


5th Step - Start Giving to Others

The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. The second most important is the one you have with the loved ones. Giving to others will strengthen the bondage between people and boost the sense of belonging and self-worth.


6th Step - Go Easy on Yourself

When we are unhappy, we tend to see only our failures and mistakes. Being happy doesn’t mean going through life with your rose-coloured glasses on. It simply means being realistic. There must be something you did well this week, or day, or a lifetime, someone who likes you and cares about you, something you are grateful for. If you constantly need to remind yourself of these things, write them down on a piece of paper and stick them on your bathroom mirror. This way, you will start your every day feeling a bit better about yourself.


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