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We all know it’s important to wash our face daily, but splashing it with water and jumping into bed is not going to do your skin any favours. Cleansing your face (if done correctly) removes SPF, makeup, dirt, impurities and reduces the risk of breakouts, dehydration and premature ageing. Still can't be bothered? Imagine at the end of the day how many hours your skin has endured wearing SPF, makeup, exposure to damaging environmental factors, air conditioning/heating along with oil and bacteria buildup. If anything deserves some TLC at the end of the day it’s your skin! Cleansing provides the base for a healthy, hygienic and hydrated complexion.

Natural Exfoliation & Hydration

It takes around 4 weeks for our skin’s outer layer (the epidermis) to be completely replaced. This natural shedding process removes the build-up of dead skin cells that can cause acne, blocked pores and textured skin. The duration of this natural exfoliation process increases as we get older, which if not assisted, can lead to dry, dull skin. Investing in a daily cleansing ritual will help to naturally speed up cell turnover to rejuvenate the skin. Not cleansing correctly (or at all) can also weaken your skin’s barrier, leaving it open to dehydration and damage from environmental factors, bacteria and even fungal infections! 

It assists follow-up products to work effectively

Investing in quality skincare products is all well and good, but if you don’t have a clean base to apply them to you’ll never see the full benefits of their active ingredients. Any excess makeup, oil and dirt left sitting on the skin will create a barrier, preventing important bio-active ingredients in your serums, moisturisers and oils from fully absorbing into the skin. If you’re not going to cleanse your face correctly, you may as well not bother with the other products. Put simply, skincare works best on a clean surface.



You may be wondering why it’s recommended to cleanse your face twice if you’ve already washed it thoroughly the first time. Double cleansing can seem like just another time-consuming step in your skincare routine, but it’s actually very important. The first cleanse will remove makeup, dirt and excess oil. The second cleanse will “clean” the skin, allowing the active ingredients in your cleanser to do their job. 

How to double cleanse

For a first cleanse we recommend an oil cleanser for all skin types. Starting with an oil cleanse is the most gentle and effective way to remove heavy eye makeup, SPF, foundation, impurities and excess oil. Our Marula Oil Cleanser contains a lightweight blend of natural oils that will gently dissolve makeup while restoring moisture balance and repairing the skin’s barrier.

A second cleanse should be completed using a gel, foam or cream cleanser suited to your skin type. This will provide a deeper clean and allow the ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate and balance your skin accordingly.



Dry, oily, combination and normal skin all require different support when it comes to cleansing. Use of the wrong products could leave you with dry, irritated or oily skin and may even damage your skin’s barrier. Finding the best facial cleanser suited to your skin type is essential for clean and balanced skin.


What is my Skin Type?

Identifying your skin type can be a little confusing, particularly if you have multiple concerns or combination skin that shows signs of oiliness and dryness in different areas of the face. To limit confusion we suggest separating these 2 areas:

Skin Type:

Your skin type is your skin’s ongoing behaviours and will determine what type of products generally work best on your skin. The four basic skin types are Normal Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin and Combination Skin.

Skin Concerns:

Skin concerns can include problems such as breakouts, ageing skin, dull skin, uneven complexion and conditions such as eczema and rosacea. Skin concerns often change over time and usually require specific products to target and treat these conditions.

Skin Type Characteristics

Normal Skin

  • Generally well-balanced, not too oily or dry
  • You can use a variety of skincare products with minimal irritation or reaction
  • Very few skin concerns

Dry Skin

  • Skin can appear dry, flaky and textured
  • Skin can feel tight and uncomfortable
  • Your skin is ‘thirsty’ and products absorb quickly 
  • It may feel like you need more moisture, even after you’ve applied moisturising products

Oily Skin

  • Your skin is visibly oily on most areas of your face
  • Oil build up is obvious first thing in the morning or at the end of the day
  • Pores may be enlarged or congested
  • You may find it hard getting your makeup to stay put 

Combination Skin

  • Your may be oily through your t-zone (forehead, nose & chin)
  • The larger areas of your face such as your cheeks are generally normal to dry
  • Your skin can become congested and breakout in areas of your t-zone

Choosing a Cleanser to suit your skin type

Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, lucky you! Your balanced, generally well-behaved complexion doesn’t need a lot of work so it’s best to focus on maintaining health and preventing damage. Gentle gel or cream cleansers will work well to provide a deep clean whilst maintaining hydration and preventing irritation. 

Our Hydra Calm Cream Cleanser is great for normal skin types as it effectively cleanses the skin without irritation whilst hydrating and delivering age-defying results. If you prefer the feel of a gel cleanser, our sweet orange balancing cleanser is a gentle way to achieve a deep, refreshing clean. 

Dry Skin

Comfort dry skin using a nourishing Oil Cleanser. Oil cleansers are great for this skin type as they effectively melt away your SPF, makeup and dirt without damaging or irritating dry skin. 

LAMAV’s Marula Oil Cleanser is a lightweight, antioxidant-rich formula that will effortlessly clean the skin and replenish cellular lipids to prevent moisture loss. This cleanser will diminish any feelings of tightness or discomfort, leaving you with plump, dewy skin.

Oily Skin

Oily skin needs a little help when it comes to re-balancing sebaceous activity, but it’s important not to over-strip your skin. Investing in products that provide a deep clean without depleting natural oils will the best cleansers for oily skin.

Our Sweet Orange Balancing Cleanser was created to purify, balance and brighten. In addition to providing a deep clean, this refreshing gel cleanser will also reduce redness and improve skin texture, all while treating and preventing breakouts.

Combination Skin

Finding the right cleanser for combination skin can be a little bit of trial and error. Using cleansers designed for oily skin may be too harsh for the dry areas on your cheeks and going too far the other way with products designed to hydrate may not be so great for balancing your oily t-zone. Finding a natural gel cleanser that contains AHAs are great for this skin type as they provide a gentle exfoliation to breakdown excess sebum without irritating the skin. 

LAMAV’s Sweet Orange Balancing Cleanser will give you the deep clean and balance that your skin needs but contains nourishing ingredients such as Aloe Vera Juice and Natural Glycerin to soothe the skin and restore moisture levels. 


Knowing your skin type is great, but it’s also important to understand that our skin and the environment we are in is always changing. When the weather cools, we become unwell or start working in a different environment, there are times we may have to alter our skincare products to support our skin through these stressful changes. The products you use through summer may need to change through winter, so assessing your skin’s health and the effectiveness of your daily products is essential to maintaining a healthy complexion and preventing any flare-ups or skin conditions.


The eye area is the thinnest area of skin on your face and considering how delicate and sensitive it can be, we really put it under a lot of stress. Heavy eye makeup, waterproof mascara and long-lasting concealer are products our delicate eye area has to endure, sometimes on a daily basis. If you’re someone who likes to wear makeup everyday it’s particularly important to take extra care when cleansing the eyes to ensure you’ve removed all traces of makeup without causing irritation, damage and premature ageing to the area. Cleansing oils will easily dissolve waterproof, heavy eye makeup and can be applied using your fingers in a gentle circular motion. You can also soak a cotton pad in the cleansing oil and gently sit it on top of the eye before swiping from the inner to the outer eye area. 


We all know how to cleanse our face but have you ever thought about areas you might be missing? The face has a lot of grooves and creases that also need some attention to prevent buildup of sunscreen, makeup, dirt and oil. Some areas you might want to take a little extra time to pay attention to when cleansing include:

  • Hairline
  • Jawline
  • Ear area
  • Neck
  • Around the grooves of your nose


Most dermatologists recommend double cleansing for 1-2 minutes. Any shorter and you may not achieve a deep enough clean. Any longer and you may irritate or dry out your skin.


Hot water on the skin can cause dryness, inflammation and irritation. Washing your face with cold (or at least lukewarm) water will reduce inflammation and minimise risk of damage to your skin’s barrier. Not into the cold shower craze? Wash your face separately over the basin after showering.