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Do you really need a facial toner? Let’s find out!

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from customers regarding facial toners. Are they really necessary, should we use them and if yes – when and how? To save you time and effort I decided to sum it all up in one informative article that I hope will give answers to all of your questions.

What exactly is this mysterious thing called a “facial toner”?

We all know that almost every month a new must-have-skincare-product comes out on the market and we are constantly persuaded by marketing experts (in a very skillful way, we must admit) that we need this in order to have amazingly youthful and glowing ready-for-the-catwalk skin. Nevertheless, the truth is most of these innovative must-have products are just an old product/formulation being re-branded or renamed. Is this the case with Facial Toners?

What does the facial toner do and how does it act?

One of the main purposes of the facial toners is to restore skin’s natural pH level. Being acidic in its nature, the normal pH of our skin is altered after the use of a facial cleanser (alkaline) which may lead to excess oil production. Like everything else in nature, our skin also strives to restore its balance, though we might not always like the way it does it.

Toners also help in removing the dead cells from the skin surface, thus making it appear smoother and more glowing, thanks to the fact that most of them contain mild or strong acids (depending on the type of skin they were formulated for) such as – glycolic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid a.k.a AHA, kojic acid, etc.

Last but not least, toners wash away all impurities that your regular cleanser couldn’t – especially if you are wearing heavy makeup, cleansing your skin in depth can be tough. A combo of good cleanser and toner is a guarantee for cleaner freshly-looking skin.

PS: Keep in mind that the toner cannot replace your cleanser, since toning and cleansing are two different things.

How can my skin benefit from a facial toner?

Though the common belief is that toners are suitable for people with oily or combination skin, thanks to the advances in cosmetology, there are new-age toners that even dry skin can benefit from. Toners can be formulated so that they can moisturize, nourish and even calm irritated skin, depending on their active ingredients. Companies are getting more and more advanced when it comes to formulating their products, which is why now you can find toners enriched with powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, that strengthen and protect the skin.

If you are suffering from acne or enlarged pores, there are also a great variety of toners on the market that can help in controlling excess oil production and have astringent properties (which aids in closing up the pores).

Let’s not forget that by balancing pH and removing dead cells and impurities from the skin’s surface, toners also help in preparing your skin for absorbing the forthcoming advanced treatments such as nightly creams, nectars, serums or oils. This way the active ingredients from the “final step” of your beauty routine will be absorbed better and nourish the skin in depth, stimulating its own rejuvenating processes.

How and when to use a toner?

The toner should be used after cleansing and before the application of serums, oils or creams, because as explained above this way the active ingredients will penetrate deeper and “do their job” the best way possible. Though some toners claim to be very moisturizing, remember that even the best toner can never replace a good moisturizer. Do not be misled by ads.

The other side of the coin

Though toners have a lot of interesting benefits, it’s not all black and white. Quite often toners contain alcohol (as a primary ingredient, thus in a very high concentration) and other substances that can dry out your skin (even if it’s oily, believe it or not) to a point where integrating this “magical potion” in your beauty routine would do more damage than it would actually help. Here comes the importance of reading the labels, making informative decisions and picking your products wisely so that you are assured that there are no harmful chemicals in your skincare routine.

The verdict

Though it is controversial how many of all those promising-to-do-wonders products, we use on daily basis, we actually need, one thing I am definite about is that it’s not a must, but yes – if you have some money aside, you can try including a toner in your beauty routine because it has a lot of amazing properties that you can benefit from! Just make sure to pick wisely – Making informative decisions like buying organic skincare always leads to the best results!

Do you use a toner? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments!

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