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If you ask any beauty expert to recommend their favourite ingredients for clear, healthy, youthful skin—you can bet that vitamin C will be at the top of the list!

While we all know how important vitamin C is for our internal health, immunity and overall wellbeing—when applied topically, vitamin C is also essential for skin health and one nutrient that our complexion simply cannot do without. 

Its benefits are also comprehensive and far-reaching which is why we love to incorporate this skin-loving ingredient into our LA MAV formulas regularly. While we use pure forms of vitamin C, we also hand-select potent bio-actives which are rich in this nourishing vitamin—so your skin truly reaps the rewards.

Here are just a few of the benefits vitamin C can have for your skin—as well as some product recommendations for you to try at home...


It brightens

One of vitamin C’s most impressive benefits is that it brightens skin—improving overall skin tone and texture. As a potent antioxidant, vitamin C has been shown to protect against UV damage and photoageing, making it an incredible brightening agent as it not only helps to protect against further damage, but also aids in the repair of existing pigmentation issues. Essentially, the application of vitamin C helps to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase—which is responsible for melanin formation—consequently reducing the effects of skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation. To experience the brightening benefits of vitamin C, try our Daily Vitamin C Serum—which contains a highly-concentrated and stable form of vitamin C—and our Vitamin C Brightening Oil which contains 10% vitamin C for truly age-defying results.

Vitamin C oil


It fights ageing

While ageing is a natural and unavoidable process—there are certain compounds that can speed up this process and exacerbate the visible signs of ageing. Namely: free radicals. Unfortunately, every day our skin is assaulted by environmental stressors and damaging free radicals that contribute to skin ageing and it’s these unstable molecules that directly damage our cells and contribute to oxidative stress. Proven to be one of the leading causes of ageing—both of our skin and body—oxidative stress can wreak havoc on our cells and the only way to counter its effects is with antioxidants. As one of the most powerful antioxidants, vitamin C is therefore an essential tool to have in your skincare arsenal! 

The way vitamin C can combat ageing is complex, but essentially this potent antioxidant helps to ‘mop up’ free radicals and build stronger, more resilient skin. As a nutrient, vitamin C is responsible for the normal function of skin and is essential for stimulating and regulating collagen synthesis. As we know, collagen also naturally declines as we age so for firm, plump skin, vitamin C plays a key role! Topical use of vitamin C has also been proven to actually increase collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For maximum skin-plumping benefits, try the LA MAV Collagen Support Booster which contains a potent blend of vitamin C-rich bio-actives to supercharge collagen production, firm skin and bolster its natural barrier function.

 Collagen Booster

It protects

Aside from its abilities to repair and counter the visible signs of ageing, vitamin C also has a protective effect—helping to prevent further damage and the inflammation that leads to skin ageing. This ability to combat ‘inflammageing’ is what sets vitamin C apart from other antioxidants, making it such a powerhouse ingredient! Sun damage, for example, is caused by free radicals but by supporting your skin with vitamin C, you’re able to better protect it from the harmful effects of UV radiation and prevent skin damage occurring in the first place. Put simply, vitamin C improves your skin’s resistance to UV exposure—which is especially important if you live in Australia where we are exposed to 15 percent more UV than Europeans and have one of the highest melanoma rates in the world.

Vitamin C Brightening Solutions

While every product in the LAMAV range contains a synergistic blend of powerful bio-actives and antioxidants that deliver age-defying results—to discover the powers of vitamin C for yourself, our Brightening range is the perfect place to start.