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Omega-3 Advanced Night Cream

When you open your beauty cabinet, how many serums, oils, tinctures and tonics are you faced with? But how many – if you’re being completely honest – really work?

Like us, we bet that although you’re feeling fully stocked and you may have a shelf full of formulas you’ve tried and tested, there are probably only a few that have made the cut and sit as part of your regular routine. We understand too, that it can sometimes seem overwhelming to add another product to your regime – but if you’re searching for real, radiant results, we invite you to consider incorporating one (or all!) of our Boosters into your daily beauty habit.

To make it super simple for you to do so, here’s an easy step-by-step guide on the benefits of each Booster and where (and when) to integrate each formula into your regime.

Bakuchiol 4% Natural Retinol Alternative &/or Collagen Support

Bakuchiol 4% Natural Retinol Alternative

How to use: These two complex formulas are the perfect complement to one another and can be used 3–4 times a week, as needed. This means, you don’t need to layer a million different products on top of each other, and instead, you can simply alternate between your Bakuchiol 4% and/or your Collagen Support throughout the week. After cleansing and toning, pop a small amount of your chosen Booster onto your face and neck – and once absorbed, follow with your favourite serum and moisturiser

Benefits: If you’re concerned about fine lines, wrinkles and the effects of premature ageing, adding our Bakuchiol 4% to your routine is a great place to start. As a natural and more gentle alternative to the more traditional retinol formulas on the market, Bakuchiol is a plant-based retinol derived from the seeds and leaves of Eastern Asia’s ‘babchi’ plant. This powerful extract has been used in both Ayurvedic and Chinese-medicine modalities for centuries and works to promote improved collagen synthesis and reduced skin pigmentation. Our Bakuchiol 4% formula also contains adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha to combat stressed skin and antioxidants from green tea and pomegranate to improve cell renewal and fight free radical damage.

Collagen Support on the other hand, feeds the skin, brightening a dull, lacklustre or tired-looking complexion. Containing Kakadu Plum – the richest natural source of vitamin C of any fruit – this blend promotes deep, cellular hydration and improved skin elasticity. The addition of Finger Lime not only helps to moisturise the skin from the inside out, but also helps to protect the skin’s natural barrier, making it more resilient to environmental stressors like pollution, stress and UV damage.


Omega-3 Advanced Night CreamOmega-3 Advanced Night Cream

How to use: At night, our skin (and bodies) are finally given the opportunity to rest and repair – which is why it’s important to supercharge this process by giving your skin an extra boost of nourishment before you snooze. Our Omega-3 Advanced Night Cream is designed to deeply nurture your skin while you sleep, so you wake-up feeling refreshed and radiant. Simply press a small amount into freshly cleansed and toned skin, allowing the formula to absorb before following with any serums, facial oils or moisturisers.

Benefits: Rich in essential fatty acids from shea butter, avocado oil and chia, macadamia and raspberry seed oils, our complex nighttime treatment helps to encourage skin cell renewal and repair. Fucoidan extract from Wakame seaweed helps to support skin strength and structure, improving skin elasticity while also reducing wrinkle depth and Chlorella Vulgaris – a green microalgae – is rich in natural antioxidants and helps to correct skin imperfections. With an extra boost of hydration from hyaluronic acid too, this focused formula will leave your skin feeling moisturised and renewed come morning.

Supercharge your skincare routine with our Boosters range and discover the powerful effects of our Australian and Ayurvedic bio-actives. Shop the range here.