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How to bring back luster to dull skin: Hydration skincare essentials

Keeping your skin hydrated and healthy can seem like hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. Creating a habitual daily routine using the right skincare products and some healthy lifestyle changes will have you on your way to plump, hydrated skin everyday.


At LAMAV, we believe well-being is holistic. Regardless of your skincare routine, if you don’t drink enough water and look after yourself from the inside out it will show through your skin. Hydrating your body, eating a balanced diet and incorporating supplements that assist with gut health are the first step to healthy and hydrated skin. Our Beauty Restore is a convenient way to get your daily hit of prebiotics, probiotics and our exclusive Ayurvedic Beauty Blend to restore gut health, reduce inflammation and protect cells from within.


Using harsh cleansers and exfoliants that are not suited to your skin type can quickly strip your skin of moisture causing dry, irritated skin. Beginning your skincare ritual with an oil cleanse is the most gentle and effective way to remove makeup and sunscreen without drying the skin. It’s also a great excuse for a facial massage and 2 minutes of self care!


Once your skin is clean, you’ll want to start layering hydrating skincare products from thinnest to thickest consistency to ensure your skin is able to absorb each layer as you work through your routine. The last product applied should be the thickest in consistency as this will lock in all of the hydrating bio-actives that you’ve just applied. 


Our ideal skincare routine to achieve hydrated skin looks like this:

If your skin is feeling particularly dry or you are completing your evening ritual, you may want to include an Oil to boost your hydration further and lock everything in overnight. Our Omega Antioxidant Oil instantly hydrates and calms your complexion while strengthening the skin’s lipid barrier to ensure long lasting hydration.


We all love the comfort of a hot shower, however too much hot water can strip and irritate the skin. If your skin is already dry and inflamed this is a big no no! Shivering at the thought of jumping on the cold shower trend? It’s ok , we have an alternative for you! Wash your face separately using lukewarm water before or after your shower.