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Rose Quartz Gua Sha and Roller Set

Having experienced a recent surge in popularity, facial tools are no longer reserved for the use of beauty experts only – and instead, can be enjoyed and mastered by anyone at home!

Boasting a long list of beauty benefits from more sculpted skin to improved tone and texture, increased collagen production and decreased fine lines and wrinkles – the perfect facial tool can elevate your beauty routine and supercharge the effects of your skincare.

Having recently launched our own range of luxe LAMAV facial tools to complement our range of bio-active skincare, here’s everything you need to know in order to choose the perfect facial tool for you... 


Rose Quartz Gua Sha & Roller 

Rose Quartz Gua Sha & Roller

If you’re looking to boost cellular turnover and promote more radiant skin, the LAMAV Rose Quartz Gua Sha and Roller Set is for you! Celebrated for its innate healing properties, rose quartz is linked to the heart chakra and is used to help soothe and treat a number of skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness, tone and texture. When used in combination, these two tools can also help to promote lymphatic drainage and encourage increased collagen production.

The Eastern practice of Gua Sha has been around for centuries and is used to stimulate circulation and combat inflammation – and when used in conjunction with your favourite serum or facial oil, can help to infuse active ingredients deep into your skin’s dermis. 

The facial roller on the other hand, can be used on more delicate areas of the face (such as under the eyes) thanks to its dual-ends – helping to reduce the appearance of puffiness and increase skin elasticity and tone. The cooling effect of the rose quartz also helps to refresh tired-looking, stressed skin, for a brighter, more even complexion. Top tip: pop your facial roller in the fridge to supercharge its cooling, calming effects!


Kansa Wand

kansa wand

While you previously may not have heard of a Kansa Wand, this incredible tool is believed to have been around for 5000 years and is closely linked to Ayurvedic medicine. Made from a sacred bronze metal, the Kansa wand is used to help bring the body into alignment, unblock energy channels and promote a sense of vitality. When used as a facial tool, the Kansa Wand aids in lymphatic drainage. Given that the effects of a sluggish lymphatic system can manifest as dry, dull and lacklustre skin – by boosting circulation and rebooting the lymphatic system, the Kansa Wand can improve detoxification and encourage freshly oxygenated blood to flood to the skin. The result? A firmer, more toned complexion with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.


Micro Dermal Roller

Micro Dermal Roller

With 540 micro needles, the LAMAV Dermal Roller helps to speed up the production of collagen by creating almost invisible micro-traumas to the skin’s surface – prompting the skin’s natural healing process, accelerating collagen production and boosting skin rejuvenation. 

While the beauty benefits are plenty, expect to see improved skin tone and texture, and a smoother, more plump complexion. Studies are limited, but research shows that dermal rollers may also assist with skin conditions such as melasma and acne scarring.

The mini injuries created by a dermal roller also aid with the penetration of your skincare – boosting its effectiveness for even more radiant results.


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