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Wake up your skin in 7 simple steps!

Even though all of us know about the importance of the good
8 hour beauty sleep, let’s be honest – we don’t always have time for that. Be
it because we are overworked, we’ve been partying late or because our brain is
occupied with a lot of stuff and we just can’t fall asleep.

We decided to share with you some simple tricks that will
help you add radiance and freshness to your complexion, if you couldn’t take
your 8 hour of beauty sleep.

Wash your face with cold water:

This will constrict your blood vessels and make your skin look more toned and
plump. Also – it will wake you up better than coffee.

Drink a big glass of water with lemons:

Water infused with lemon will refresh and hydrate your body, thus your skin.
You can add a spoon of honey, if you don’t like the savory taste of lemon.

Do some exercises:

Physical activity will improve the blood flow into your whole body, which will
bring more nutrients to the skin. Nourished skin always looks better.


Exfoliation improves microcirculation and removes the dead cells from the
skin’s surface – a small turnover for your face. Pick a gentle scrub and apply
it with circular massage motions. Smoother and more glowing skin instantly!

Facial Mask:

Applying a 
deeply hydrating facial mask is probably the best quick beauty fix,
if your face says “I am tired”. If you have 5 spare minutes to spend on your
self – do not hesitate it!


Applying a light moisturizer, right after you are done exfoliating, will not
only hydrate your skin but will also lock the moisture in so you can keep the
healthy look throughout the day. If you can combine it with a serum for extra
nourishment, that would be even better!

Pick your makeup wisely:

A light BB cream or tinted moisturizer with some blush is enough. Don’t go for heavy
foundations or powders – they will make your skin look even more tired. A
little bit of mascara and nude/rosy gloss and you are good to go!

PS: And don’t forget to smile!

How about you – how do you “wake up” your skin in the morning? We’d love to hear about your beauty tricks!

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