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Discover the Rejuvenating Bliss of Abhyanga Massage for Optimal Well-being

When we think about the concept of self-care, we often look to outsource, seeking out practices and rituals that others are able to perform for us—think acupuncture, yoga classes and beauty treatments such as remedial massages or facials.


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But truth be told, self-care is something we can take into our own hands—literally—by learning the art of Abhyanga. This ancient Ayurvedic practice means to “lovingly oil the body” and has been around for centuries as a massage practice which is intended to restore balance by aligning mind, body and soul. 

On a topical level, Abhyanga massage helps to enrich and hydrate the skin, improve tone and texture, whilst also feeding the skin’s natural microbiome and strengthening its defences—especially if you have selected the perfect plant-based Ayurvedic oil for your Dosha (or body type). LAMAV’s new range of Ayurvedic Body Oils, for example, have been delicately formulated using traditional Ayurvedic methods of preparation whereby the whole herb is incorporated into the carrier oil and infused for a period of time in order to imbue the oil with as many potent beauty benefits as possible. Each oil has also been crafted to help you set an intention for your Abhyanga ritual—to uplift, unwind or nourish.

However, the benefits of Abhyanga massage extend beyond the skin’s surface with Ayurvedic philosophy speaking to how this sacred practice can help to strengthen and balance the five essential elements within each of us and ensure our dominant Dosha is supported. In this way, Abhyanga massage helps to promote improved wellbeing, longevity and optimal physical health, too. In a similar manner to Garshana dry body brushing, the physicality of Abhyanga can improve lymphatic drainage and detoxification, increase and strengthen circulation, alleviate inflammation and muscle pain and most importantly, bring calm and balance to the nervous system.

Here’s a quick guide on how to reap the rewards at home… just remember, the intention is for the practice to nourish and soothe the body, so always use firm but gentle strokes and avoid sensitive or inflamed areas of skin.

  1. Before showering or bathing, take your Ayurvedic Body Oil and warm it beneath hot water or between your palms.

  2. Then, begin your massage at the crown of your head, rubbing in a clockwise motion.

  3. For your hands and feet, use an open palm, then increase to upwards and downwards strokes to massage your arms and legs.

  4. To help assist with your body’s natural flow of digestion and promote improved detoxification, use circular clockwise motions on your belly.

  5. Follow with upward strokes towards your chest, from underneath the breasts up towards your collarbone and neck.

  6. And finally, finish with your lower back, using your fingertips to massage in a downwards motion to energise the body.

The main thing is to savour this ritual and spend time connecting with yourself and your body—without rushing. Your Abhyanga ritual should take up to 20 minutes and once completed, simply jump into the shower or bath to gently rinse off any excess oil.