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La Mav Meets: Felicity from Imbibe Living

Let's Meet Felicity from Imbibe Living!

Last week we had the opportunity to chat with Felicity Evans (founder + main alchemist at Imbibe Living) over a cup of her amazing healing elixirs. This is what she shared with us...

I am Felicity and I love the skin I’m in.

I trust in the Universal flow of life.

I find it hard to turn off.

I feel frustrated when my coffee gets cold. I like it hot hot baby!

I am thankful for kisses from my daughters.

When I wake up in the morning I place my feet on my sheepskin rug as a way of honouring my feets’ journey through this life.

When I go to bed, I think about what amazingness is just around the corner.

Felicity in the making of her magical probiotic elixirs.

If I could give advice to my 18-year-old self, I’d say slow day girl! You’re moving too fast!  And also, don’t stress about your stretch marks and love the skin you’re in!

I have chosen to promote the natural/organic lifestyle because I care for my body, my daughter's bodies and our planet.

My favourite makeup item is my sunkissed bronzer. Gives me that beachy glow all year long!

The skin care item I can’t live without is Rosehip Oil. It’s so light and nourishing and works magic!

When I have to do my makeup in less than 5 minutes, I always apply BB cream and highlighter on the tops of my cheeks and top of my nose.


Another product Felicity swears by - La Mav's Commiphora Ultra-Plumping Serum

I am obsessed with experiencing more love in my life.

I want to bring more beauty and joy into the world.

And I don’t want to feel restricted.

My mantra for happiness is choosing to see the good in every difficult situation.

Beauty is loving the skin you’re in and expressing love to others.

Don’t forget to drink your probiotics and focus on gut health for beauty that radiates from within.

For more from Felicity, visit her website (we highly recommend trying her amazing probiotic elixirs) or follow her on Instagram and Facebook