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Jazze Jervis: An Unparalleled Talent in the World of Jazz


Chick Chat with Jazze Jervis from The Calm Compound

This week, we have another special guest on the blog! Expert in essential oils, avid green beauty advocate and chief Mum-boss, Jazze is not only a true inspiration but a genuinely good human being we had the pleasure to meet. Let's see what she has to share with us...

1) I am... Jazze Jervis and I love feeling empowered, empowering others, feeling strong and healthy and giving without expectation.

2) I trust in... the laws of attraction and manifestation

3) I find it hard to... sit and do nothing (I even work in the sauna… what the?!). But I’m getting better!

4) I feel frustrated when... people claim that natural and non-toxic alternatives/makeup/skincare/lifestyle etc doesn’t “work”. But I also appreciate where they are coming from because that was me before I started my low-tox journey (#NegativeNancy).

5) I am thankful for... my life! I have a supportive husband, a beautiful daughter, a great job as a lawyer, and even more incredible job as a leader and educator. How lucky am I?!

6) When I wake up in the morning... I smash out a 30-minute workout in my driveway with a yoga mat, 8kg Kettlebell, resistance band, and some tunes!

7) When I go to bed... I think about my husband, because he is currently living in another State

8) If I could give advice to my 18-year-old self...  I’d tell her to always back herself and to not worry so much about what people think. You do you, boo!

9) I have chosen to support the natural beauty trend because... my skin is thanking me for it and I have never felt better. I have acne-prone skin so to walk into a store or the shops and to have someone comment on my glowing skin truly is a special moment for me. I am also much more aware of how harmful mainstream cosmetics can be on not only our skin, but our endocrine system, reproductive system, organs etc. Our skin is our largest organ so if we can switch to using natural and organic products on our skin, that is probably the biggest act of self-love we can embark on.

10) My favourite makeup item is... my LAMAV Organic BB Crème!!


11) The skin care item I can’t live without… Oh, this is so tough! I’d say an oil cleanser – I can’t get enough!

12) When I have to do my makeup in less than 5 minutes, I always apply… (I don’t wear makeup much, so this is easy haha) my La Mav BB Crème with a dash of the Wildcrafted Organics Gold Balm. It leaves the most gorgeous dewy complexion!

13) I am obsessed with... watermelon and beetroot juices (oh, and essential oils!)

14) I want to... always feel healthy and strong so that I can continue to do what I love to my utmost potential.

15) And I don’t want to... forget that there is more to life than #Hustling

16) My mantra for happiness is… never give with an expectation.

17) Beauty is... confidence, self-awareness and love.

18) Don’t forget to... write down 10 things you are grateful for today.


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