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Natural Ways To Detox

How To Help Your Body Detox Naturally

As alarming as it may sound, the things that keep us alive, such as air, water and food, are also constant sources of toxins in our lives. Detoxification is all about cleansing your body and mind from these harmful elements that build up in time.

Everybody should detox at least once a year and the best time for it is if you feel unexplained fatigue, bloating, or mental confusion.

Although we have natural mechanisms in our organism that serve to flush out toxins (think liver), from time to time, they need help. The safest and most effective way to help them is natural. Here’s what you can do:

1. Start the day with water. It takes water to wash the dirt inside and out. So as soon as you wake up, have a glass of water. Make sure you drink only filtered or bottled kind and add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice to it. The antibiotic and antiseptic properties of lemon will work as a powerful cleansing elixir.

2. Up your hydration levels. Don’t forget to continue consuming plenty of liquids during the day. It really doesn’t matter whether you prefer water, vegetable juices, or teas, as long as your hydration is regular. The best teas for detoxification are green, nettles, and dandelion tea. You will also be amazed at how great you’ll feel after a glass of freshly made kale, spinach and cilantro juice.

3. Move your body. Exercise pumps up oxygen and feel-good hormones in your system and provides you with a fit body. But sweating is the most important part of working out as it is a most powerful means of detoxification. Did you know that you can get rid of arsenic, mercury and lead through sweat? What are you waiting for? Drop and give me 20!

Stretch and release. Stretching after exercise will keep your muscles and joints flexible, but it will also lower inflammation and release you from stress and depression. What is best about stretching is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. Even at work, during your lunch break.

5. Sweat it out in sauna. If sports are not your thing, visit a sauna regularly to get the toxins out of the system. Who says detoxification should not be enjoyable

6. Take care of your oral cavity. Brushing your teeth after every meal isn’t enough. Oil pulling is a simple detoxifying technique that has been practices for centuries but many people are not aware of it. It consists of swishing around coconut oil in your mouth for 10 to 20 minutes. What it does is creates a chemical reaction with your saliva that kills the bacteria in the deepest unreachable crevices. Tongue scraping is another effective way to target the build-up on the tongue, which houses many bad bacteria. Use a steel spoon to scrape your tongue very gently from back to front every morning after brushing your teeth.

7. Try fasting. When was the last time you felt really hungry? The availability of food at every corner made eating a leisure activity rather than a necessity. Try eating vegetables and fruits for a day or two to give your digestive system a much needed break. Although you’ll be eating less, you will feel a surge of energy.

8. Unplug yourself. Why not extend the fasting to media and social networks? Refrain from replying to every message instantly and instead focus on what is going on in real world, in that moment. Talk to people around you, REALLY listen to the music, find a creative hobby. Then, at the end of the day, you can tend to your social media accounts and see if anybody in the virtual world needs your attention.

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