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Welcome to LAMAV Organics beauty and wellness blog where you’ll find health and beauty information and tips to help keep your skin glowing, healthy and beautiful.

Vitamin C, Why does our skin need a daily dose?

Vitamin C is naturally present in our skin. However, exposure to external elements reduces its effectiveness, which is why it’s essential to include products containing Vitamin C in your daily skincare ritual.  We all know that vitamins are essential for...

5 Must Know Beauty and Wellness Trends Inspired from Around the World

The beauty industry is ever changing and constantly growing, providing its customers with new products...

Take Good Care of Your Skin This Summer!

Buckle up ladies, the summer season is here. The time for vacations, pool parties and...

5 Benefits of Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
Skin Tips and Ingredients

5 Benefits of Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice serves as a base for all LAMAV’s products. Aloe Vera Leaf...

Give Your Skin that Extra Boost(er)!
Skin Tips and Ingredients

Give Your Skin that Extra Boost(er)!

As we grow older (and mature), our skin loses its youthful glow from dehydration and...

Australian Pink Clay: What is it and its Top 6 Skin Benefits

Have you noticed that pink clay is EVERYWHERE? From cleansers to face masks, this clay...

Skin Tips and Ingredients

Your Essential Guide to Clearer Skin

As our body’s largest organ, our skin can not only tell us a lot about...

Ayurvedic Beauty Powder
Skin Tips and Ingredients

The Best Ways To Improve Gut Health

There’s no denying it: a healthy, happy gut is one of the fundamental pillars of...

What Is Face Mapping & How To Read Your Skin?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered why your skin always seems to...