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6 Things That Ruin Your (Otherwise) Perfect Makeup

There are certain things we do daily (often unintentionally or because we are too lazy/too busy) that ruin our look and take us far away from the desired result a.k.a

being gorgeous. Today we’ll list 6 of the most common mistakes all of us are guilty of making  and we’ll try to suggest the best ways to avoid them in order to get the perfect, cover-ready face we ultimately want!


    Not Washing Your Makeup Brushes Regularly




    Yes, I know
    you don’t always have time for that, but just think about it – the sebum your
    skin produces naturally, combined with your favorite foundation, add some heat
    and humidity and there you have it – 
    bacteria’s happy place! Apart from that, dirty
    brushes are not only likely to break you out but will also affect the makeup
    application, making it harder for you to get the look you desire.

    If you apply
    makeup daily, it’s a must to clean your tools at least once a month with gentle, 
    SLES-free shampoo/facial cleanser (to preserve the quality of the bristle). We don’t
    recommend using a blow dryer for your brushes, but instead – let them dry
    naturally. Last but not least, do not dry your brushes upright, as this way,
    too much water will run down the inside and weaken the glue, which will lead to
    more bristles shedding.

    Not Moisturizing Before Applying Makeup

    If you want
    to have the perfect canvas for creating any makeup look what you need to do is
    give your skin a “moisture injection” before you start “painting”. Applying moisturizer
    changes your skin’s appearance immediately – it becomes smoother, plumper and
    more radiant. Skipping this step, on the other hand, is sure to lead you to a moment when you are looking in the mirror and thinking
    “What did I do wrong?”. Trust me, without moisturizer, your makeup will be far from perfect… 

    Be sure to
    pick hydrating cream suitable for your skin type, to ensure best results. Also,
    pay attention to the ingredients on the back of the packaging – avoid pore
    clogging substances like 
    mineral oil, silicones and PEGs. 

    We strongly recommend
    choosing organic and natural products, because they are safe and effective and
    are sure to make your skin look (and feel) super happy!


    La Mav’s Moisturizers are formulated with carefully selected organic bio-active ingredient and plant oils, to help your skin stay hydrated and luminous all day long! 

    Pick Your Moisturizer

    Applying Bronzer Incorrectly

    Believe it
    or not, how you apply blush/bronzer makes a huge difference in the way your
    face looks.

    If you aim for a sun-kissed glow, bronzing your entire face is not the way to go. That’s a
    huge no! It will make your skin look weird rather than radiant. Bronzer should
    be applied, using very light strokes, to the cheekbones, down along the jawline
    and to the top of the forehead. In case you overdo it, you can always correct
    the mistake by blending some translucent powder over the areas where you’ve
    “too wild”.

    La Mav Sunkissed Bronzer provides a beautiful natural sun-kissed glow to your skin all year round. Perfect for contouring facial features especially cheekbones nose and chin. Simply buff the Bronzer with La Mav Vegan Kabuki Brush and you’re ready to go with a natural bronze look.



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    Abusing Highlighting Products

    Even though
    I am the biggest fan of illuminating makeup, I have to admit, I had to learn
    the hard way the proper way to use it (I mean – how, when and how much). While
    it is true that highlighters give your face an incredible glow, what they also
    do is they accentuate your 
    imperfections and no matter how well you’ve covered
    them initially with the help of the
    , after even the finest layer of highlighter, all hidden “treasures”
    pop out immediately.



    Not Using Primer For Eye Makeup

    why in the middle of the day, your perfectly-looking-smoky-eye is not so
    perfect anymore and is “centered” in the crease of your eye? Maybe it’s time to
    think about “the quality of the canvas”… Though applying a primer on your eyes
    is not a must, it’s recommended if you have oily/combination skin or you just
    want to make your eye shadows last longer. If you don’t want to invest in expensive
    products, the easiest solution is to turn to your mattifying powder (any
    translucent powder will do the trick). A fine layer on it, applied over the entire
    eyelid, will keep your eye shadows where they should be till it’s time to take
    them off (more about taking them off & why this is a MUST – in the next paragraph).

    La Mav Mattifying Powder is a silky blend of the lightest minerals providing a perfect solution for shine control. The Mattifying Powder can be used as a base before foundation/eye shadow application to absorb excess oil and ensure long lasting coverage, or after – to create a matte finish especially for oily skin. It also helps reduce the appearance of large pores. It’s quick and easy to apply, suitable for all skin types, non-comedogenic and perfect for everyday use!


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    Not Removing Your Makeup Before You Go
    To Bed

    Of all bad
    things you can do to your skin, this is probably the worst. Imagine all
    impurities you’ve “collected” on your face during the day in combo with a layer
    of makeup and sebum.. . Are you really not going to take it all off? I mean, I
    am lazy myself – but c’mon! You can always find 3 minutes, no matter how tired
    you are, especially if you want to stay pimple-and-wrinkle-free. You want to, right?


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