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Take Good Care of Your Skin This Summer!

Buckle up ladies, the summer season is here. The time for vacations, pool parties and exciting beach visits. But as fun as it may sound, summer season brings with it long hours of sunlight, excessive heat and dry and humid weather. And as our skin changes with the weather, the summer season can have an extreme impact on the skin as compared to the dark and colder winter days. 

How does the Summer Season Affect Your skin?

Without a doubt one of the worst enemies during the scorching summer season is the sun. When the weather moves into the warmer months, the sun is on its peak wreaking havoc on your skin in multiple ways. Solar radiation causes burns, redness, acne and not to forget potential long term effects of photo-ageing. 

If you usually have normal skin, you might experience that your skin might become oilier during the warmer months, flaring up active acne and breakouts. Warmer summer months encourage the production of sebum and sweat, which clogs pores. Also high exposure to the sun can cause hyperpigmentation more commonly known as sun spots. 

6 Tips to Get Fresh Skin During this Summer Season

Now that the summer season is here, we bring you the best summer season skin tips to get radiant and fresh looking skin:

Cleanse Your Skin Twice a Day

    Cleansing your face twice a day with a gentle face wash is the greatest way to maintain your skin appearing young and healthy. This will assist in clearing your pores and removing any debris or makeup that has accumulated over the day. Use a gentle cleanser that is suitable for your skin type, and steer clear of harsh chemical based cleansers because they may end up doing more harm than good.

    Add Vitamin C to Your Skincare Routine

      All year long, vitamin C is a great supplement to your diet, but can be particularly important during summers. By encouraging the formation of collagen, regular use of vitamin C helps reduce the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and prevent hyperpigmentation. Before applying moisturiser to your face, choose to layer a Vitamin C serum on it.

      Keep Your Skin Hydrated

        Our skin becomes cracked and itchy when dehydrated, therefore, the most important summer skincare step is drinking water. Drinking water is essential while balancing your workout and running schedule, as well as your home and work schedule. It maintains hydration and regulates body temperature. Plus it gives your skin a supple and dewy glow that we all love!

        Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells Regularly

          Your skin's surface may become clogged with dead skin cells, giving it a dreary appearance. You may get rid of these dead skin cells and improve the appearance of your skin by exfoliating it 2-3 times every week. Exfoliants come in a variety of forms, including scrubs, masks, and gentle herbal peels. Pick the one that best fits your requirements and skin type.

          Sunscreen is Your Best Friend

            We cannot stress this enough, but always wear your sunscreen ladies. Look for an option with at least SPF 30. Even if it is a cloudy day, wear your sunscreen, the sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate your skin. This can give birth to future skin problems, even skin cancer. Sunscreens are your true best friend!

            Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise!

              For summertime skin protection, a moisturiser is necessary. Depending on the kind of your skin, you can select a non-greasy formula. However, keep an eye out for components like antioxidants like vitamins A and C. SPF is a plus, so much better. The best time to moisturise is straight after having shower, this way you can lock all the moisture in your skin. 

              Get Ready for the Summer Season with LAMAV


              Hyaluronic Moisture Cream

                This award winning ultra-hydrating day cream locks in moisture and leaves skin looking luminous and plump. with the goodness of  hyaluronic acid in the formula to maintain moisture levels. It helps:

                1. Hydrate, soften and moisturise dry skin
                2. Soothe and diminish redness
                3. Heal and calm irritated skin


                Daily Vitamin C Serum

                  A cult favourite, with a high concentration of vitamin C this serum combats discoloration, lightens skin, and increases radiance. It also helps:

                  1. Reveal a bright and more even complexion
                  2. Diminish discoloration to boost skin’s clarity and radiance
                  3. Strengthen collagen for a firmer and younger looking skin


                  Rose Hydrating Mist

                    Rose Hydrating Mist is a potent combination of superfood actives rich in vitamins and minerals that works to clarify, moisturise, and restore the pH balance of the skin. It helps:

                    1. Provide instant glow
                    2. Boost collagen production for plump, glowing skin.
                    3. Soften, hydrate and refresh.

                    Our skin can suffer greatly in the summer heat, . but if you follow the appropriate skincare regimen, you can look and feel fantastic all season.


                    How best to look after the skin? What should skincare be in summer?

                    The basic steps for a skincare regimen for summers must include cleanser, toner, moisturiser and most importantly sunscreen with altelast an SPF 30. You should also exfoliate your skin regularly to get rid of any dead skin cells that may clog your pores.

                    Should you change your skincare seasonally?

                    Yes. your skin changes with the weather. During the colder winter months your skin is more likely to turn dry and flaky. While during the warmer summer months, your skin can become oily and acne-prone. It becomes necessary to change your skincare routines accordingly. 

                    Why is my skin more sensitive in summer?

                    With increased sun exposure and heat, your skin may produce more sebum and sweat making it prone to redness and acne. Also the harmful UV rays from the sun can damage your skin giving rise to skin issues. 

                    Is itchy skin common in summer?

                    Yes. Sweat can block pores on your skin which can cause irritation, redness and tiny bumps. When the bumps filled with sweat burst out, it causes an itchy sensation. 

                    How can I get fresh skin in summer?

                    Always cleanse your face with a mild cleanser in the morning and night. Follow this with a toner and moisturiser that are not too heavy on your skin. Do not step outside without wearing sunscreen!

                    How can I get clear skin in summers?

                    Investing in good skincare products can be your way to get clear skin this summer. Always look for products that are rich in antioxidants. Looking for products with vitamin C can naturally make your skin clear and bright.