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The Importance of a Clean Face Before You Workout

This week we have a very special guest on the blog – one of our favorite beauty bloggers Yadira Galarza from CleanBeautyTalk.

Here is some info about Yadira and her Ah-mazing blog (in case you haven’t stumbled upon it yet):

Yadira Galarza created from her own passion for health and beauty. As an IIN trained Holistic Health Coach and a Health and Beauty Editor on The Grace Tales she has her focus on health even when she isn’t at work. Clean Beauty Talk is another avenue for her to write about fun new beauty products and health information that she currently obsessed with. Yadira strongly believes that beauty is all about wellness and how well you treat your body, inside and outside. This means eating the right foods, having positive thoughts and moving your body regularly. I strongly recommend you to check out her website: to see some great tips, reviews and conversations

But enough talking, let’s jump into the article and see what Yadira has prepared for us…

How much makeup do you wear when you workout? Your answer…should be none. Why? Because the more makeup you wear while trying to get a body to envy JLo’s, the more your pores will suffer and get congested while you sweat.

So is it worth it?

For some ladies who have skin that isn’t prone to breaking out, you might not even notice, but if your skin errs on the more sensitive side, you should invest in some quality cleansing wipes and get used to going au-natural (which I know might be a hard thing to do).

San Diego-based dermatologist Jeffrey Benabio, MD says the foundation is the worst thing you can wear on your face during a workout as it clogs pores and leads to breakouts, although wearing lips and eye products, on the other hand, isn’t as bad.

“Your lips don’t have any hair follicles, so there’s nothing for lip color to clog, Benabio says. And though it is possible to get a pimple around your eyes, it’s unlikely to happen,” he adds.

So how can we overcome our need to look primped during a workout? My answer – is to get used to going makeup-free. Dedicate one day a week to wearing less or no makeup (if you can) and you’ll slowly learn to love your natural glow. If that sounds too hard I highly recommend learning to exercise first thing in the morning when your face is fresh and you’re not wearing a hint of anything on it.

But if those two tips sound more like a nightmare for you than a dream, I’ve outlined a few simple makeup swaps that will save your skin from breaking out and feeling congested below.

Ditch your foundation

Foundation is the worst makeup product you can wear when you workout so swaps it for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer instead. Both these options are less thick so less likely to block pores. 

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Concealer + Powder

If you really suffer from ‘people can’t see me with makeup on syndrome’ opt for wearing a hint of concealer and brush on a light natural powder instead. Powder is much less likely to cause you any problems over its liquid BFF’s and we all know a teeny tiny bit of concealer can go a long way. 

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Use Only Non-Comedogenic, Natural/Organic Makeup

This should really be a given every day, although especially when you work out. Don’t use any generic brands with ingredients you can’t identify.

PS: You should really take the plunge and try a workout makeup-free. How about trying it in a dark spin class? Promise nobody will even notice.

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